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Are You A Cecilia Or A Kayla Pt II

Back and better than ever!!!

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  1. When the half and half in the fridge is potentially open, do you run to the fridge to make sure it's not open?

    Who does that? that's a trick question. No one does that.
    omg is it open??????!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?? ahh
  2. What are you certified in?

    having a good time!
    Dive, html, word, excel, cpr, first aid, powerpoint, excel, one note, cyber security, c sharp, java, java script, css
  3. How much do you love your nalgene?

    More than life. If I could marry it, I would. Everywhere I go, my nalgene goes.
    I'm attached to the stickers. They could be on anything.
  4. Do you need a man or a mandolin?

    a mandolin!!!
    what is a mandolin?
  5. What is your first reaction when your mom calls?

    a butterfly-sized cockroach flew through your kitchen again?
    Hi, mom
  6. Are you obsessed with Shoshy?

    When I don't see her I miss her. I think about what would happen if she got pregnant. I would help take care of the child.
    I don't know if I'm there yet.
  7. What's your l'chaim?

    a what now?
    Just like a PSA that taqueria has a 3 for 2 deal for students #taqueriawednesday
  8. Are you like kinda obsessed with bones?

    Yes and my 82 year old professor Ralph.
    No. Not even a little bit.
  9. Do you like bread?

    It's my favorite food.
    I don't really like bread. Or pasta. Or rice. Or chinese food.
  10. Do your food colors have to match?

    That makes no sense
    Yes. They have to work together cohesively.
  11. If this quiz is not as long as the first quiz (part I), how will you feel?

    I will be personally offended.
    I don't care
  12. What do you ask for for Christmas?

    luggage, a pillow, a toothbrush, textbooks...
  13. How do you feel about Bed, Bath & Beyond?

    It's my favorite place, I got a lot of my christmas presents from there.
    I've never been.

Are You A Cecilia Or A Kayla Pt II

You got: You're Cecilia!!

You're a silly girl who is full of life!!! You have every certification known to man (and woman) and men make you uncomfortable. Is the half and half in the fridge open???

You're Cecilia!!
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You got: You're Kaylah!!

You really like bread and you don't believe in tone policing. If you were to sue your roommate, it would be for gender based misconduct. You're a Jewish ally.

You're Kaylah!!
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