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  • Wisdom From The Dark Tower Series

    Arguably Stephen King’s magnum opus yet unarguably his longest overall story, the mammoth 4,250 pages of The Dark Tower series have been sold over 30 million times around the world.

  • 15 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About American Gangster

    It took a long, drawn out seven years for American Gangster to get made and one thing we all know is that it was well worth the wait. But what don’t we all know about this effortlessly cool epic? Hopefully these 15 things that we have produced in the form of a handy list, for your ocular consumption. You can also take our American Gangster quiz here (Images: Rex & YouTube)

  • Wisdom From Cormac McCarthy Novels

    If you’re after some sunny, light-hearted one-liners about the transformative power of love, you’ve come to the wrong place. But then if you’ve ever read a Cormac McCarthy novel, you’ll already be aware of this. The iconic author has filled his many books with so many memorable characters, plot twists, suspenseful sequences and, most importantly, pieces of wisdom that linger once the final page has been read. Let us know if we’ve missed off your favourite at the bottom. _______________________________________________________

  • A Literary Travel Guide To The UK

    Such is the unshakable might of a good book, great authors have always had an uncanny ability to move us in both senses of the word. And while dreamy landscapes vividly conjured up on a page or two maybe reason enough to seek out the real-life location, how better to understand a writer’s genius than by visiting the realm which shaped them? So, with summer imminent we’ve drawn up a rather novel holiday guide… And click here for a list of real-life literary drinking spots you can visit

  • Literary Ages Vs Movie Ages - Home

    When reading a book, you’re allowed an incredible, almost worrying, amount of power. You can imagine the location however you like, the story can progress at whatever speed you wish (a five day break halfway through - go for it) and, most… But when someone else, read Hollywood, snatches this power away, book fans often revolt. Well you know, on Twitter and stuff. We’ve decided to spend our time looking at the differences in literary characters and big screen actors when it comes to their all important ages. The age of an actor compared to the character in print can change the dynamic and we’ve found an interesting variety. Click to start the gallery below (Images: Caroline Warner)

  • Win The Luxury Trip Of A Lifetime For Two With TUMI

    Two winners will jet off to Los Angeles via American Airlines Business Class, spend three nights in the 5 Star London West Hollywood Hotel, dining at the Soho House Private Members Club. Winners will then fly American Airlines Business Class to New… All flights, hotels, transfers, featured meals and all-inclusive stay at Little Dix Bay, plus spending allowance are included.

  • Win A 10in Asus Memo Pad Tablet

    As Malky Mackay can attest, the life of a football manager can be somewhat unpredictable. For a less volatile way to experience how you might fair, try Football Manager Handheld 2014 (, available on iOS and Android, as well as… Double your chances of winning by texting your answer (details below) after entering online. For details on how to enter online, and for the question to this competition, please click on the below link. If you prefer to enter by text, send the word SLWEB21 followed by a space then your answer to the question (A, B or C) to 85088. Texts cost £1+std network rate. Competition closes at midnight on 22/01/14. The winner will be randomly selected from all entries received after the close date. End your text with SL NO INFO to opt-out of free texts with related offers from ShortList Media. SP: Spoke: 0844 415 0726. Full terms and conditions here.

  • Breaking Bad Super-Fan Arrested In Drugs Bust

    As role models go, you don’t need to be a DEA agent to know that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are bad news. Across five seasons of Breaking Bad, the duo’s meth-related misdemeanours should have served to put anyone off the drug business.

  • Norfolk: A Cultural Hotbed - Home

    Majestic drainage structures, mildly offensive folk groups, tea towel-based expressionism: Alan Partridge kicks off his ShortList career with a guide to the arts in his bustling home county

  • LEGO Movie Trailer Lands

    So, they’re making a LEGO movie, and it doesn’t look appalling. That’s the headline news. The sub-stories include the release of the trailer (on which we made our ‘not appalling’ judgement) and a poster.

  • The Ultimate Tarantino Quote Quiz

    Quentin Tarantino is a master of storytelling, action and style but, perhaps above all else, his dialogue is never less than gripping. In particular, he is eminently quotable, his movies being packed with plenty of philosophical musing, pop-cultural… How much of a superfan are you? Can you hold your own at a Pulp Fiction quote-along screening? Can you recite the scripts for Kill Bill backwards? We’ve given you 30 great lines from Tarantino movies: simply choose the character who delivered them.

  • Win A L’Occitane Shaving Set Worth Over £190

    We have five to give away There’s not much we can say about Father’s Day except “Don’t forget it’s on Sunday”. So that’s exactly what we are saying. And if you haven’t bought anything yet, Mr Hyde is coming to the rescue with five luxury shaving sets from L’Occitane and the… The shaving brush and razor in the set have been developed in keeping with the tradition of master barbers, allowing for a shaving experience that will satisfy even the most demanding of men. And the Cade shaving cream is a shea butter enriched with organic juniper berry essential oil, leaving your skin clean, soft and smooth. L’Occitane creates a number of expert formulas specifically for men’s shaving and skincare needs, made from natural ingredients. If you feel like it’s time for a grooming cupboard update, click here. Enter now for your chance to win one of five luxury shaving sets. If you prefer to enter by text, send the word HYDE1 followed by a space then your answer to the question (A, B or C) to 85088. Texts cost £1+std network rate. Closes at 23:59 on 26 June 2013. The winners will be selected at random from all entries received after the closing date. End your text with SL NO INFO to opt-out of free texts with related offers from ShortList Media. Full terms and conditions click here.

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