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Gift Ideas
Under $50

Everything is under $25!

Let the hibernation begin.

From boots and sneakers to pumps and sandals, cute shoes that'll be as easy on your feet as they are on your wallet.

"Why don't I own these already?" —me, while writing this post.


Everything is under $10!

They're all under $30!

Yes, you can still call your mom every two minutes. OBVIOUSLY.

"Thank you" — your face

Because let's face it: You spent enough on the damn dress.

Just bookmark this list *now* because it's always someone's birthday.

Goodbye, shampoo and condititoner! Helloooooo, cowash!

Kick off 2019 with some fancy goodies under $30!

I don't know what will be shining more this year: your skin, your hair, or your super happy bank account! ✨

A mix of useful, well-reviewed, and downright sexy products to give your home a new sparkle.

Channel your inner Sharpay: "I want fabulous, that is my simple request."

What do we want? GREAT HAIR. How do we want it? At a cheap price! When do we want it? NOW.

One-weekend wonders.

Inexpensive ways to make your *Porcelain* Throne feel more sought-after than the *Iron* Throne.

🎵Let me upgrade you. 🎵

Great reviews, great prices, and lightning-fast shipping? Jesus take the wheel.

"BEGONE" — you to 2018 problems.

One small step toward your goal of becoming a more organized person in 2019!

"[Money] well-spent [on products like eyebrow pencils, scalp massagers, microfiber cloths, and more] brings a week of content."

Unicorn slippers, a cozy cardigan, the world's cutest pet bed, and more under-$25 goodies you definitely deserve to have in your life this year.

Broke, but make it fashion.

The sun is 400,000 times brighter than the moon — only second to *us* after using these products.

High fashion at low prices.

Make 2019 fancier — without having to spend a lot of money.