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An old-time movie producer once described his job as simply clearing the way for the director and the creative people to be able to make a good movie. That’s pretty much what Kaitlyn Mahoney does.

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She is a producer who, according to her Get it Girl collective website, ‘loves to work with artistic people on all types of creative endeavors to help make their vision a reality.’

It encompasses everything from commercials to animated promos and stories to a great music video “Addicted to Heartbreak” for recording artist Anna Renee. She certainly cleared a wide path for the director Carla Toledo Dauden to shoot that video. If you look at the piece from a producer’s point of view, you will start to see all the work that has to go in to making a three minute masterpiece like a music video. The producer has to put the whole production together before a frame or pixel of imagery is produced. You have to ask yourself (if you are the producer, that is) where will it be shot? Is it going to be shot on film or a digital format and how much is going to cost to rent that equipment? What about the lighting, how much is needed and what will it cost to rent? Is that all the producer has to worry about? Not by any stretch of the imagination. How long will it take to complete the shoot? What will the actors and crew eat during the production and where will the bathrooms be located? Is that it? What about the set? Who decorates it, who is the production designer and how much will they cost? Electrical? Does the shoot need a large mobile generator to provide enough electricity for all the lights or do you rent studio space and use their utilities? What will that cost? What about insurance and who is directing this thing and how much is she going to charge? Is it union scale or is this an independent production? Who will negotiate all the pricing for every little thing to keep the production on a budget? The answer is: the producer! When you’re a good producer you manage all these things so the production can run smoothly, but a great producer also invests their passion in supporting the creative vision. When all these things are combined, it paves the way for the director and creatives to make the best possible products that can be made. That is the sort of producer you want on your team. And that, in a nutshell, is the type of producer Kaitlyn Mahoney is.

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