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8 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Would Make The Worst Coworker

Just don't hire him.

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1. When you interviewed him for the position, you asked him about his greatest weakness

J. Bieber: "I'm an im-perfectionist."

2. He's a little too hungover on Mondays

3. When you ask him to do simple tasks, he's like...

"Can you make me a copy of this?"

"Can you send out an email?"

"Do you know photoshop?"

"Can you post this to our social media pages?"

4. It's only 2 PM and this is how he copes with the rest of the work day

UGH -___-

5. And this is basically his excuse for everything

6. He's not very creative

7. He still doesn't know his way around the office

8. "Why did we hire you in the first place?"

...You just don't wanna work with him

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