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    12 GIFs Of Christmas

    It’s December, which means it’s finally appropriate to talk about Christmas! Here are 12 GIFs to hold you over until December 25th. You’re welcome.

    12. Waiting anxiously for the big guy.

    Santa is real and he's definitely coming to town.

    11. Forcing the family to have a good time during the Christmas vacation.

    10. DEaling with that family member that nobody invited to Christmas dinner.

    9. Decorating the Christmas tree.

    8. Putting up the Christmas lights to impress the neighbors.

    7. Getting excited to meet Santa.

    6. Actually meeting Santa.

    5. Wearing lots of red because it's the new black.

    4. Singing Christmas carols for everyone to hear.

    3. Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and OWNING it like this guy.

    2. Attending office Christmas parties.

    1. And finally, spreading Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear!

    Another great way to spread holiday cheer is by making sure you got the perfect gift for everyone on your list! Check out our Gift Guide to find great deals on the hottest Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

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