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    12 Reasons We Should All Be A Little More Like Luna Lovegood

    Don't worry, you're just as sane as she is.

    1. She can turn up with most most IDGAF attitude ever.

    2. She rocks her own unique styles.


    3. She undoubtedly has the most school spirit.

    4. She appreciates the little things in life.

    5. She knows that with a good attitude, tough situations will always work out in the end.

    6. She knows how to dish out the most sage advice...

    7. ...and she isn't afraid of being honest.

    8. She has a nurturing attitude toward things that are different.

    9. She isn't afraid to approach people.

    10. She's still able to channel her inner-child.

    11. But she can also lay down the law when she needs to.

    12. And even J.K. Rowling roots for her wondrous outlook on life.