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11 GIF's To Describe Being Single On Valentines Day

Loneliness is underrated always...right?

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1. When you have to hear about other couples' plans.

2. When you see articles about cool "his and her gifts" that you'll never have.

Cartoon Network / Via

3. When you realize that other wine glass has been untouched for quite some time now. / Via Universal Pictures

4. When you decide to make yourself your own Valentine... / Via Warner Bros. Television

5. ...Or your when one of your pets falls prey to your plans.

Walt Disney Animation Studios / Via

6. When the thirst starts to get a little too real.

Nickelodeon / Via

7. Resolving to make plans with your single friends because there's strength in numbers... / Via Warner Bros. Television

8. ...And when couples try to crash said plans. / Via Paramount Pictures

9. Trying to resist the urge to make contact with the ghosts of ex's past... / Via Screen Gems

10. ...Or when you get an unwanted call or visit from one of them. / Via ABC

11. And when you realize that being single has its benefits and that you are quite happy with life as it is. / Via Universal Pictures

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