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10 Things Indians Raised In America Are Tired Of Hearing

Some thoughts are better left unsaid.

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1. "What tribe are you from?"

Sorry, did I say I was Native American?
epikfails / Via

Sorry, did I say I was Native American?

2. "You don't sound Indian!"

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Well what did you expect?

3. (from other Indians) "You sound so American!"

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There's no winning.

4. "Are you going to get an arranged marriage?"

schoopwhoop / Via

We can talk about this later (or never).

5. "Say something in Indian!"

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Sure, but first I'd like to hear some American.

6. "Your peoples' food reeks!"

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7. "Why do you all have to be so smart?"

8. "Dude, you guys all look alike..."

Citytv / Via

You're completely entitled to your wrong opinion ;)

9. (from Indian relatives) "So do you have a girlfriend?"

buddybits / Via

What? You're clearly a spy for my parents so I plead the fifth...

10. "I definitely don't see you as Indian!"

reckontalk / Via

Well...I still am?

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