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    14 Valentine's Day Gifts For Someone You Have Just Started Dating

    Act natural!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    So you just started seeing this person.....and now it's almost Valentine's Day 🙄

    We scrounged Amazon to find the perfect, most non-awkward gifts that basically mean "I like you a lot but I can't say I love you just yet."

    1. Keep it real non-commital in the NICEST way possible by gifting them this minimalist initial necklace. Probably their initial, not yours. Not yet, anyway – ₹348

    This sideways initial necklace is so stunning, it will actually make it feel like you put in a lot of effort finding the perfect gift. Get it here.

    2. If your partner is a real art boy/gal/person, they will truly and wholly appreciate this reproduction (23" x 41") of Van Gogh's The Starry Night₹348

    This gift is perfect for letting them know that you listen and pay attention to their interests. Get it here.

    Also available in small (8"x14"), medium (15"x27") and gallery wrapped frame (42"x24").

    3. Or you can get them this step-by-step guide to drawing and painting botanical illustrations from life. That way, you're gifting them flowers but like in a will-never-die-non-cliché way – ₹1,207

    And you can always commit to learning a new hobby together even if you aren't a seasoned artist. Get it here.

    4. And if boo is into plants all that much, or would like to become a plant person, they will LOVE this cute as hell watermelon ceramic planter₹295

    This planter will look absolutely adorable on their desk or bedside table. Get it here.

    5. And this adorable Bunny's Ears cactus to go with the planter because cacti are low-maintenance, and hopefully your relationship will be too 🤞🏼 – ₹210

    They'll be glad they pricked you. Get it here.

    6. There is no way your partner won't squeal with joy when you gift them this stunning flower jelly lip tint₹1,325

    They'll probably admire it more than they'll use it. Get it here.

    7. If you're still in the "Let's get coffee!" phase, a packet of Dark French Roast from Blue Tokai can help you step things up – ₹400

    This a strong, bitter roast, ground for french pressing. Get it here.

    You can also choose an appropriate grind for your brewing method.

    8. A French Press for that brand new coffee and also so you can ditch coffee shops permanently and actually brew your own fancy-schmancy cuppa at home – ₹1,299

    You can get a whole carafe of incredible coffee in less than 10 minutes. And also use it to brew tea, cold brews and lattes. Get it here.

    9. Serve them coffee in this endearing mug that has the sweetest little panda waiting to greet them – ₹499

    This HAS to be the ideal start to any day. Get it here.

    10. A foldable tray so you can bring them a romantic Valentine's Day breakfast in bed – ₹1,249

    Guess you'll just have to make a habit of bringing them tea in bed. Get it here.

    11. If we're taking waking up so seriously, you definitely need to gift them this wine aerator and decanter so your nights together are just as good – ₹1,499

    This aerator will make even the cheapest wines taste like they're imported. Get it here.

    12. Some of y'all might hate clichés but there's no way these mini messages in a bottle don't make you squeal with joy – ₹299

    They're personal, intimate and there's always nice things to say even if you've known each other for a month. Get them here.

    13. Perfume is always a good bet and this unisex Chandan and Khus solid perfume smells heavenly and comes in the most beautiful hand-painted Meenakari jar – ₹350

    This perfume is 100% organic, made from shea butter, beeswax, vegetable oils and infused with natural flower oils. Get it here.

    14. And if you're struggling to get creative with gift-giving, this men's grooming kit by The Man Company is the one-stop solution – ₹1,144

    This kit includes a Black Pepper and Bergamot Body Wash, Moroccan Argan Oil Face Wash and Coffee Bean & Patchouli Shampoo. There's gonna be way too many hugs and kisses if that's how your guy's gonna smell!😍 Get it here.