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    13 Products That Will Help You Save Money In The Kitchen In The Long Run

    In conclusion, more money for snacks! 🍕

    1. These leak-proof reusable silicone bags that you can use to keep leftovers fresh for longer. You can also freeze, heat or boil them or even pop them in the microwave! – ₹769

    A person pouring milk from the silicone bag into a cup

    2. These bamboo kitchen napkins that act exactly like a regular paper napkin except they are also washable and can be re-used over a 100 times! – ₹269

    3. This set of three beeswax wraps that are a reusable alternative to aluminium foil and plastic containers. You just need to use the heat of hands to gently mould them around your food and voila! – ₹499

    4. Whenever you have friends over next, bust out these palm leaf plates that are microwave-safe, and if you use them to serve dry foods, you can reuse them too! If disposing, these plates are 100% compostable – ₹299 (MRP ₹500)

    Food pictured in the palm leaf plate

    5. These wine stoppers for when you open the wine but end up not finishing all of it, which is obviously super rare! – ₹199 (MRP ₹299)

    Stoppers with spectacle-shaped toppers as seen on two wine bottles

    6. These best-selling baggie seals are very handy in keeping leftovers fresh if you don't have storage containers and have to leave a lot of your food in its original packing or if you're just lazy – ₹71 (MRP ₹449)

    A person using the baggie seals to seal a packet of lemons

    7. This two-tier bamboo steamer so you can cook yourself some fancy-schmancy dumplings right at home – ₹899 (MRP ₹1,979)

    8. This 3-step manual knife sharpener that repairs and sharpens damaged blades, and also gives your knife a clean polish. It is super easy to use and will make your knives last wayyyyy longer than they usually do – ₹399 (MRP ₹599)

    9. This best-selling Philips drip coffee machine that allows you to brew an entire 8-cup carafe of coffee super quickly and keeps it hot for up to 2 hours. You can now stop spending half your income at fancy cafés – ₹3,440 (MRP ₹3,595)

    10. This hand-held milk frother so you can become your own favourite barista overnight, without any of the hard work – ₹999 (MRP ₹1,499)

    11. This set of reusable metal straws that are a smart and environmentally-conscious long-term investment. I am actually considering making mine a family heirloom – ₹249

    12. This pack of 12 silicone cupcake liners so you can keep baking over and over again – ₹299 (MRP ₹999)

    13. And this 3-in-1 silicone dish scrubber that comes with a scrubber, scraper, and squeegee, and is CRAZY durable – ₹279 (MRP ₹499)