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    13 Products The BuzzFeed India Team Loves In August 2020

    Monsoon must-haves, everyday essentials, life hacks and more!

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Mugdha Kusray - OnePlus Buds

    Mugdha Kusray

    "I recently bought these earphones because I honestly hate wires hanging around my neck. The buds have a battery life of almost 30 hours. I mean, I charged them for about 15 minutes and they lasted for three days! The sound and microphone functions are amazing, and the buds are super easy to set up and operate. I even gifted my Mum a pair, and she's loving them!"

    Get them here for ₹4,990

    2. Madhumita Kannan - Plum Green Tea Sunscreen

    "I have combination to almost oily skin and every sunscreen I've tried so far has given me acne, as it was just too thick. This one, by Plum, is perfect for my skin! No clogged pores or extra oil secretion, and no acne at all. Everyone's skin is different, so understand yours before buying this. For the price point, it's definitely worth the try!"

    Get it here for ₹440

    3. Sharanya Haridas - The Defining Decade by Meg Jay

    Sharanya Haridas

    "If you're in your twenties (or even 18-35), The Defining Decade will challenge the popular belief that these are your reckless glory days, and help you envision better possibilities for yourself. This book discusses the importance of really showing up for your twenties— being intentional about your personal growth, career and romantic relationships, building "identity capital" and good networks, stepping beyond your comfort zone, and building a growth mindset. It features real 20-somethings navigating decisions of their own (so relatable and engaging!) and offers practical, actionable ideas. I've been recommending it to all my friends!"

    You can watch Meg Jay's TED Talk here.

    Get it here for ₹1,500 (Paperback) and ₹329.57 (Kindle).

    4. Aniket Chitnawis - Absorbia Moisture Absorber, Aniket Chitnawis

    "One thing which really annoys me during monsoon in Mumbai is that almost immediately, your clothes start catching mould and smell musty. This moisture absorber has made sure they don't! I needed a solution to mould on my clothes now more than ever because I haven't worn 90% of my clothes in the last five months."

    Get it here (pack of 6) for ₹851

    5. Shreya Mali - Earthenmetal Mosaic Lamp

    Shreya Mali

    "We were looking for something to light up our home a little bit, and this lamp did just that! It's so vibrant and bright that it just lifts your spirits every time you see it. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to add some life to their space."

    Get it here for ₹789

    6. Vishal Langthasa - Vacuum Packing Bags

    "When I was moving houses, packing all my clothes into a vacuum pack saved a lot of space and time."

    This pack comes with 3L and 3XL vacuum bags and an air-sucking pump. Get it here for ₹1,099

    7. Aishwarya Katkade - Sirona Herbal Period Patch

    "The first few days of periods are always the most annoying for me, and since this lockdown, I haven't been as physically active, which has probably caused some changes and made my cramps even worse. These herbal period patches are a saviour and stick so comfortably that I almost forget that I've put them on. The smell is quite strong, so I wouldn't recommend it to those who develop headaches from a strong eucalyptus oil scent. "

    Get it here for ₹199

    8. Shivani Agrawal - Star String Lights

    Shivani Agrawal,

    "My cousin gifted this gorgeous string light to my sister and me this Rakshabandhan. First impressions - you look at it and you know it's super sturdy. It was a bit of a struggle to untangle the light but SO WORTH IT! It is 2.5 metres long and spans the wall above our double easily! And it comes with eight different lighting modes, so we've been having a lot of midnight dance parties!"

    Get it here for ₹559

    9. Sumedha Bharpilania - ONLYLEAF Rose Green Tea

    Sumedha Bharpilania

    "My friends call me a grandma because, during rainy and cold months, I like to go to bed with a nice book and a warm cup of tea. This particular rose variant by ONLYLEAF helps me relax after a long and tiring day. It has a very fresh and natural taste, which I like, and the packaging is adorable. I'd therefore recommend!"

    Get it here for ₹275

    10. Swapna Ravichandran - Bang Board Game

    "My family and I love playing board games and are always on the lookout for new games to try. Especially since the lockdown started, we’ve been spending pretty much all our time at home. I stumbled upon Bang online and decided to give it a shot, and it’s super fun! It’s a Wild West-themed game with characters like The Sheriff, Outlaws and Renegade, who needs to be the last man standing to win the game. It requires strategy and the ability to act (so as to not reveal your character to the other players). What I like the most is that every game is different and it’s going to take a long time for us to get bored of it."

    Get it here for ₹2,998

    11. Shreya Shetty - Waterproof Car Seat Cover and Pet Hammock

    Shreya Shetty,

    "My dog loves going on car rides but it becomes a real hassle for me to remove his hair from the seats afterwards. So we got this car hammock for his birthday this month and he absolutely loves it. It's super convenient to clean as well and leaves no hair on the car seats after. A must buy for all pet parents!"

    Get it here for ₹1,299

    12. Sharayu Ail - MINISO Nail Polish

    "I've always been one to avoid going to the salon, so lockdown was no different for me. I think spending money on a manicure is incredibly indulgent. It's hard to find a good nail polish that does the job and doesn't take ages to dry. The ones from MINISO are long-lasting and quick to dry. They're available in a lot of different colours and you'll only need a couple of coats to get a fresh set of nails! My favourite shade is definitely 'Gray Violet,' which is perfect for daily wear and still offers a pop of colour!"

    Get it here for ₹90

    13. Kshitija Agrawal - Portable Desk Foot Hammock

    "I hate being stuck at my desk, but some things just can't get done when you're lazing around trying to work from your bed. Which is why I love this hammock so much! It's comfortable, keeps my restless feet elevated and supported, and most of all, it is completely unnoticeable during long meetings."

    Get it here for ₹899