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    14 Organisation Products That Double As Home Decor

    Your mess but like, artfully contained.

    1. A collapsible shelf that you can use as a side table or display shelf. It is light, super easy to assemble and barely takes any space at all – ₹559

    2. A shelving unit from IKEA for your bathroom or other tight nooks of the house if you're struggling with serious lack of counter space – ₹688

    3. A clothing and shoe rack that you can display your favourite pieces on or even just use it to hang your fresh laundry so at least there's space on your bed to sleep – ₹1,599

    4. A gorgeous jewellery box so you can have one space for all the trinkets that you would otherwise find in random drawers of your dresser – ₹899

    5. A wooden coat rack that you can artfully place in your room or in the hallway and have a designated place for your bags or clothes that you tend to chuck on the floor – ₹1,599

    6. A zigzag corner shelf that gives you ample surface space for little trinkets and showpieces and will easily fit into most corners – ₹939

    7. A grey laundry basket that is both neutral chic and practical. It is completely covered but also has tiny air vents so your dirty laundry isn't just out for everyone to see while still remaining odour-free – ₹949

    8. A gorgeous iron wine rack for your home bar/kitchen that you can always keep stocked with your favourites so you never have to step out to have a good time – ₹1,695

    A honeycomb pyramid style golden wine rack with 6 slots pictured with wine bottles.

    9. A set of 2 pastel-coloured shelves that are super cute and you can use them in the kitchen, in your room or even the bathroom – ₹499

    10. A set of 6 chevron-printed storage cubes that you can not only keep inside your cupboard but also use on your dresser or work desk – ₹599

    11. A gorg utility cart from IKEA that is multifunctional and can be easily rolled around the house – ₹2,899

    12. A minimalistic vanity tray that you can use to store tidbits on your dresser or even in the living room to safe-keep remotes, keys and to display a candle or two – ₹599

    13. A modern bedside table with enough space for your journals and stray papers, water bottle, phone, charger, glasses and everything else that permanently lives there – ₹999

    14. And a pair of hanging shelves that will give your room a rustic-barn vibe. You can also use these as bedside tables if you're struggling for space, just don't knock your phone down in the middle of the night – ₹899