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20 Practical And Cute MINISO Products You Can't Resist

Did someone say MINISO? 👂🏃‍♀️

1. This travel bottle kit that comes not only with three pocket-sized bottles but also with a funnel, a comb, a microfibre cloth, two hair ties and two containers! And if that wasn't enough, there also label stickers so you know where everything is – ₹260

2. This 7-piece makeup brush set with the softest, lightest brushes and a portable carry bag – ₹260

3. This double-sided beauty blender that makes both applying and blending the product easier! – ₹200

4. This storage box covered in a fabric that looks extremely chic and will fit right into your home – ₹490

5. These matte lipsticks in the most stunning and vibrant shades of red – Authentic Red, Grapefruit Red, Coral Red, Rouge Red and Enthusiastic Orange₹294

The shades 'Rouge Red', 'Coral Red', 'Authentic Red' and 'Enthusiastic Red'

6. This awww-worthy elongated washcloth and loofah that will make scrubbing your back so much easier – ₹240

The pouffe has a pink bath sponge with cartoon eyes, a pink loofah, followed by a white loofah and another pink loofah.

7. This set of 6 heart-shaped tealight candles you can't just scroll past without adding them to your cart immediately – ₹90

8. This stylish and practical transparent tote bag with a clutch that is perfect for carrying all your essentials – ₹500

9. This adorable strawberry coin purse that you cannot scroll past without adding it to your cart – ₹190

10. The Ginger White perfume from MINISO with notes of cedar and Oriental musk is a personal favourite and it is long-lasting too! The fragrance is sharp but subtle enough to not induce migraines – ₹460

11. This well-loved travel pillow that is surprisingly WAY more comfortable some of the more high-end ones you get at the airport – ₹360

12. This set of oil-blotting sheets are a blessing if you have oily skin or just tend to sweat a lot – ₹190

13. This DIY mask set with a bowl, measuring spoons, a mask brush, an application stick and four compressed sheet masks so you can give yourself the full salon experience – ₹190

14. This set of three sheet face masks that are SUPER hydrating and make your skin visibly plump and glowing – ₹180

15. This sonic facial cleanser that removes dead skin and gives your skin a thorough deep cleanse – ₹490

16. This cutest little teapot with an attached tea-leaf infuser that is super handy and will also instantly up your work/study Insta game – ₹230

17. This adorable headband to keep your baby hair away from your face when you're doing your extensive skincare regime – ₹150

18. This starry sky cosmetic and travel bag is spacious as hell and looks so pretty! I was gifted one for Diwali and I still haven't gotten over it – ₹260

A silver glittery cosmetic bag.

19. This extremely chic crossbody bag that has ample space for your essentials and extra snacks – ₹500

20. And this floral bouquet scented reed diffuser that will make your home smell like a sweet, quaint flower shop – ₹390