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    16 Meal Prep Essentials For People Who Don't Have The Time To Cook Every Day

    It's quick, efficient and very frickin' delicious!

    1. This collapsible steaming basket will easily fit into most of your stainless steel and non-stick pots. You can keep steamed veggies ready for salads and other quick toss dishes - ₹599

    A collage of the steaming basket being used to steam vegetables and desserts.

    2. This dual-speed Wonderchef Manual Food Processor that you can use to chop and slice fruits and veggies, and knead dough in no time. This nifty tool helped me survive when I was in college. I used it to knead dough and to turn tomatoes into a paste for curries! - ₹919

    The manual food processor pictured with its slicing and chopping blades and kneading attachment.

    3. This 15-in-1 chopper-grater-cuter-slicer will make chopping a week's worth of fruits and vegetables a dream - ₹528

    The 15-in-1 kitchen tool pictured with all its attachments.

    4. These airtight reusable silicone bags (set of 2) that you can freeze, boil, heat, or carry your lunch in. Because it is also spill-proof, you can store milk and other liquids in too - ₹599

    A person pouring milk into a glass from the silicone bag. There are other bags with food in them around her.

    5. These stackable airtight containers (3 pieces) so you can store your food for the week ready to go. Just pop it in the microwave and voila! - ₹499

    6. This microwavable Bento lunch box so you can easily meal prep and store your veggies, meats and starches in separate compartments - ₹598

    A child eating from the Bento Lunch Box.

    7. This instant pot is a great investment if you live alone. You can bulk cook rice, soups, lentils and oats in no time and portion them out for the rest of the week - ₹10,490

    8. These silicone baking sheets so you can roast big batches of vegetables and bake loads of fries in one go, without worrying about your pans - ₹784

    The baking mat pictured with baked cookies on it.

    9. This electric egg boiler for hassle-free and quick breakfast prep that will give you soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs, whatever you desire - ₹399

    10. This muffin tin for making quick, easy and on-the-go breakfast like egg or lettuce cups - ₹199

    11. This set of 6 stretchable heat and leakproof silicone lids that will fit over almost any bowl or mug you own, and even over half-cut fruits and veggies - ₹259

    The silicone lids pictured covering bowls, cups and half cut fruits.

    12. These leakproof portable silicone squeeze bottles (3 pieces) so you can pack dressings and condiments for the week separately to keep them from making your food soggy - ₹498

    13. This set of 8 measuring cups and spoons so you pour in the exact amount of food you will need for a week - ₹149

    14. These reusable chalkboard stickers so you can label and organise your meal prep containers by day and contents - ₹179

    The chalkboard labels pictured on jars of pasta and lentils with each ingredients' name written on them.

    15. This set of Tandoori and Achaari sauces from Wingreens will add a massive jolt of flavour to your meals. I add these to pasta sauces, potato salads, wraps, burgers and sandwiches! - ₹198

    16. And this magnetic weekly planner dry-erase board to help you plan and keep track of all your meals - ₹499