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    14 Products To Give Your Home A Maximalist Makeover

    Pretend like this is your very own Home Renovation Show 🏠

    1. Patterned walls are a defining feature of Maximalism. For example, this white brick wallpaper adds both pattern and texture to walls without overwhelming your space - ₹599

    A foamy, white brick wallpaper on a wall.

    2. Or this heavily patterned wallpaper with tropical birds that you can offset with plain but colourful couches and curtains - ₹1,201

    A wallpaper with repetitive patterns of tropical birds surrounded by greenery.

    3. You can always give your home a budget makeover. This pink and white geometric slip-cover will freshen up the couch you already own and you won't have to empty your wallet out - ₹1,799

    A pink, white and grey slipcover is seen on a couch with clean, golden lines creating unequal triangles and squares.

    4. Or this floral slip-cover in a gorgeous shade of teal that would work really well with lighter walls - ₹2,499

    5. Mismatched seating is the way to go when you're looking to give your home a maximalist look. Like, adding this cane chair to compliment your fabric couch - ₹3,999

    6. This floor cushion with a gorgeous lemon print that you can place on chairs or even just on the floor for a cosy seating area - ₹440

    A white and yellow floor cushion with a lemon illustration on it.

    7. Add a throw blanket to your couch but experiment with patterns and bright colours. You can choose from this deep teal chenille throw (₹999) or this monochrome patterned throw with colourful tassels (₹1,599).

    8. Cushions instantly add to the personality of a room. Play around with colours and patterns with these traditional patchwork pillow covers - ₹529

    A set of 5 patchwork cushion covers in vibrant colours like orange, magenta, blue and yellow.

    9. Forget uniformity when it comes to furniture. Get this hexagonal shelf with a metal frame and wooden shelves - ₹849

    10. Or this more industrial looking ladder shelf that will give you a place to put up plants, artwork and vases - ₹3,499

    11. Complement metal accents with this white wooden end table/shelf with uneven columns that look super stylish - ₹1,199

    12. Another defining feature of maximalism is LOTS of artwork. There is no set style you need to adhere to - go crazy with high art, low art, pop art, and even framed movie posters or ticket stubs!

    13. Maximalism loves a statement wall and a strong mirror that shines through while also making the space look bigger. This set of two mismatched frameless mirrors will fit right in - ₹2,295

    Two frameless mirrors- one shaped like a curved triangle and the other shaped like a curved rectangle.

    14. And finally, a statement rug to tie the whole room together like this distressed, vintage Persian carpet in a faded blue colour that will look stunning anywhere - ₹898