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    17 Essentials You Will Love If You're Into The Indie Kid Aesthetic

    It's the main character in your own life aesthetic!

    The indie kid aesthetic rose to popularity with the rise of Tiktok. It is a bright, colourful aesthetic often associated with individuality, crop tops, big sweaters, middle parts and high contrast pictures. It takes elements of style from the early 2000s and the OG indie aesthetic and softens them with generous amounts of blush and preppy fits. It is best defined as living like the protagonist of a coming of age movie.

    A high contrast image of my sister at the supermarket wearing a Whitney Houston t-shirt, grey joggers, white chunky shoes.

    1. Polymer clay jewellery is one of the most defining features of this aesthetic. These fun, colourful earrings clay earrings with fun colours and patterns are a big yes!

    2. Fruit earrings – usually handmade from polymer clay – are also extremely popular and these bright cherry earrings will fit right in - ₹499

    3. This 50-colour polymer clay set so you can make your own quirky jewellery - earrings, rings, pendants and so much more! Fruits, frogs, florals, cow prints and pops of bright neon colours heavily feature in this style - ₹1,299

    4. Because this aesthetic is primarily Gen Z, it is all about middle parts, and hair held back together with cutesy, mismatched clips. Anything with pearls, smileys and crystals is very on point - ₹369

    5. The indie kids aesthetic takes elements from the early 2000s and makes them fun like these butterfly claw clips that don't just hold hair back but are spread all over like actual butterflies - ₹280

    6. Bandanas are another important element of this aesthetic - as headbands, or around the neck. They just veer from the traditional reds and blacks and lean more towards nature-inspired colours like green, blue and pink - ₹499

    Three bandanas in the colours bright pink, navy blue and pale pink.

    7. If you're on Instagram, there is no way you haven't seen the hair dye trend with just a few strands of hair dyed on the front. You can give yourself that look with these Manic Panic hair dyes too! Just don't tell your mom I made you do this!

    8. No indie kid look is truly complete without a bucket hat. Yes, the same hat your mom probably bought for you in 2003 and you refused to wear it - ₹199

    9. The indie kid aesthetic is all about tiny tops and big sweaters. T-shirt crop tops and wide neck tops are often paired with flared or boyfriend jeans.

    10. Old-timey sweater vests that you would have found in your dad's closet back in the 90s are very loved by the indie kids, especially paired with tennis skirts or baggy jeans - ₹1,364

    A brown and white sweater vest

    11. This aesthetic takes tennis skirts - you'd be familiar with one from school - and makes them super fun to wear, paired with big sweaters, vests, and layers - ₹699

    A model wearing a black tennis skirt.

    12. Broad, rectangular sunglasses like these inspired by the big glasses boom of the 2000s, that were tacky for a little bit but are fashionable again - ₹3,790

    13. Chunky black boots also feature heavily in this aesthetic but unlike emo or goth that pair dark boots with dark outfits, indie kid softens the look out with preppy outfits and cute jewellery - ₹357 - ₹599

    14. Dad shoes or the infamous chunky sneakers are still around and the indie kids have embraced them too - ₹999

    15. A sure shot way to spot an indie kid is the copious amounts of blush they use around the cheeks and the tip of the nose. It somehow is both edgy and soft and it looks so cute! - ₹500

    16. Coloured eyeliners are also huge in the indie kid aesthetic. People don't only use them for a classic cat-eye but also to straight-up create makeup looks that look like art! - ₹210

    A set of blue and yellow liquid eyeliner from Lakme.

    17. Indie kid photography tends to be distorted, grainy, and high-contrast. This three-lens set for your smart includes a super-wide lens, a macro lens and a fish-eye lens that is extremely popular with this aesthetic - ₹1,999