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    13 Gadgets Even Your Mom Won't Say No To This Mother's Day

    Mumma's tech arsenal just levelled up 💹

    1. These Airdopes from boAt with a 5 hours playback on each charge, and stereo calling feature for loud and crisp communication so your mom can enjoy WhatsApp videos in surround sound quality - ₹1,799

    2. The Saregama Caravan portable music player comes pre-loaded with 5000 evergreen Hindi songs. Your mom might literally never want to turn it off - ₹5,990

    3. This meditation tracker ring from Dhyana that will help your mom monitor her heartbeat variability to provide feedback on breathing, focus and attention through her many meditation sessions. God knows no one needs it more than her - ₹5,800

    4. This straightening brush from Philips that your mom will love because not only is it super easy to use, but also does not entail deep frying your hair between two flat surfaces - ₹2,599

    5. This GPS tracker, that she can attach to her keys, purse, luggage and even pets, will allow her to easily track any lost items via her phone. And when she loses her phone, simply double press the tile and it will make the phone ring! - ₹3,299

    6. This robot vacuum cleaner that both sweeps and mops the entire house without any assistance! Smart laser sensors help it read the terrain and avoid obstacles. Your mom can operate it via Alexa and also set off-limits areas with the official app! – ₹35,990

    7. This coffee machine from Morphy Richards will give your mom perfectly brewed espressos, cappuccinos and lattes in mere minutes! - ₹4,599

    8. The Amazon Kindle Oasis (10th Gen) with a 7" display, 32GB storage, WiFi compatibility, built-in adjustable warm light and water resistance so mumma can store all her beloved books in one place and have a moment of peace whenever she wants - ₹24,999

    9. This portable smartphone sanitiser that is obviously the need of the hour but also super helpful if your mom is still dealing with tiny tots and ketchup fingerprints are a regular occurrence - ₹1,499

    10. This genius rechargeable lighter that she can just keep in her bedside drawer without posing any fire risks and use to light her favourite candle whenever she wants - ₹745

    11. This FitBit for moms who are always on the go. It will keep track of their steps, pulse rate and sleeping patterns. It even comes with built-in Alexa so they can have quick access to music, news, calendars and reminders - ₹13,651

    12. This handheld body massager with five massage heads and six different speed settings for the mom who is always in need of a massage or loves giving one to everyone in the house even when her own back is audibly cracking - ₹1,199

    13. And this electric foot spa massager with a digital panel, 8 massage rollers, a bubble foot bath setting and water-heating technology so when your mom puts her feet down after a very long day, she can actually make a spa night out of it - ₹1,799