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    14 Cruelty-Free Beauty Products That Are Worth The Splurge

    No animals were harmed in making you look flawless 💁‍♀️

    1. Disguise Cosmetic's ultra-comfort matte vegan lipsticks enriched with avocado and marula oils that will make you look fierce AF and also keep your lips healthy – ₹500

    2. SoulTree Ayurvedic's vegetarian lipsticks with organic sweet almond oil, wild honey, and organic ghee in gorgeous pink, red, and purple tones – ₹550

    3. Vegan liquid lip creams from Disguise Cosmetics with avocado and marula oils that stay on for over 10 hours – ₹700

    4. This cruelty-free contouring palette from Wet 'n Wild that reviewers say is perfect for medium to dark complexions – ₹1,534 onwards

    5. This vegan primer foundation from Zuii with damask rose waters, chamomile, aloe vera, and calendula extracts that will keep your skin hydrated and your pores tight – ₹1,575

    6. This vegan liquid foundation, also from Zuii, in the shade "Olive Medium" that gives you medium coverage without clogging your pores and leaves your skin feeling light – ₹2,025

    7. This cruelty-free eyeshadow primer by Elizabeth Mott with over 3000+ incredible reviews and an almost perfect 4.5-star rating – ₹2,789

    8. This this cruelty and gluten-free Redemption Eyeshadow Palette from Makeup Revolution London with a range of warm and cool shimmer shades – ₹530

    9. This cruelty-free vegetarian creme highlighter from Ruby's Organics with a balm-like weightless texture created through a blend of oils, seed butter, waxes, and clays – ₹1,100

    10. This cruelty-free vegetarian creme blush, lip, and eyeshadow stain, also from Ruby's Organics, is a hit amongst reviewers for its subtle but pigmented tint – ₹1,100

    11. This vegan mascara in the shade "Granite" from Zuii enriched with carnauba wax and nettle and horsetail extracts – ₹1,350

    12. This set of 13 vegan brushes made from bamboo and synthetic fibres that are soft and high in density. With over 300 glowing reviews, you don't have to think twice before adding them to your cart – ₹2,770 onwards

    13. This vegan green tea pore cleansing face wash from Plum with green tea extracts and cellulose beads to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin – ₹242

    14. And this vegan anti-dandruff rosemary and tea tree oil shampoo that clears and unclogs your scalp and gets rid of flakes, which is especially important now that winter is out to battle with us – ₹355