15 Times "Schitt's Creek" Gave Me Better Advice Than Literally Everyone Else In My Life

    Very interested in that option, actually.

    As sarcastic as everyone is in the world of Schitt's Creek, there is also a lot of love and a lot of advice to go around! I rounded up some of my favourite quotes to live by!

    1. When Roland – who we almost expect to be prudish – dropped this truth bomb that eventually became one of the most powerful messages of the show.

    Roland and johnny have a conversation while drinking at a party

    2. When Johnny was maybe a little TOO supportive.

    Johnny, wearing a garland, talks to david

    3. When Alexis had the wisest piece of advice for Moira, who was struggling to negotiate her role on the "Sunrise Bay" reboot.

    Alexis speaks to moira while sitting on the bed

    4. When Alexis' advice for an anxiety-ridden David resonated with all of us.

    Alexis, wearing a hat, speaks to david. They're both sitting inside a car

    5. When David – the literal king of not showing emotions – opened his heart up to love and reassured Ted, and also us, that sometimes it does work out.

    David speaks to ted. There's an aquarium behind him

    6. A piece of advice all aunties can learn from, as long as we disregard the fact that Moira said this immediately after gossiping about her own daughter's love life.

    Moira speaks to twyla while drinking a cup of coffee

    7. This sage counsel from Stevie that she lifted directly off of Johnny's magnum opus, "Fast Forward to Success".

    8. When Moira reassured Stevie that she was easily the coolest person in town.

    Moira speaks to stevie

    9. When Moira was mostly just convincing herself to get back into acting but her words were felt deep and hard by everyone else too.

    Moira is sat in a booth at the cafe and speaks emphatically

    10. When Jocelyn kindly invited David to help a high-schooler but David got roasted about his FWB relationship with Stevie instead, and this was his sole retort. And a very valid retort, at that.

    David speaks to a pupil in a classroom

    11. When Moira said this to Alexis after her PR career took off and she had to choose between being a #girlboss and moving to the Galapagos.

    Moira speaks to alexis

    12. When David's wonderful coming out advice to Patrick warmed our cold, dead hearts ten times over.

    David half-embraces patrick while having an emotional conversation with him

    13. When Moira said exactly what we all feel about pretty much every plan ever.

    Moira speaks as ronnie and other members of the choir, jazzagals look on

    14. In honesty, Moira only said this because she gave herself the most singing parts while in an ensemble, but what a glorious quote it is. Out of context, obviously!

    Moira speaks to ronnie

    15. And finally, when Alexis already knew what 2020 was going to do to us.

    Alexis speaks to david while she has a clay face mask on

    What's your favourite quote from "Schitt's Creek"? Comment below!