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    Be A Better Adult In 2020 With These 14 Products

    With increasing age comes great responsibility.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This cold brew maker that is a pre-requisite to being a fully-functioning adult human – ₹949

    This extra-large carafe can hold up to 1,300 ml of bean juice and has a mesh infuser for easy and quick infusion. Get it here.

    2. Slightly expensive but priceless in the long run, this roller stamp will save you from identity theft when you discard bills, letters, and other documents – ₹1,698

    The stamp lasts for over 100 metres and is a great alternative to shredders. Paper with roller stamp can still be recycled. Get it here.

    3. Plan out all your week's meals in advance with this magnetic meal planner so you don't end up ordering takeout every single day – ₹601

    The planner comes with a marker and brush tip. Get it here.

    4. Keep a stash of greeting cards handy because adulthood is just a cycle of unexpected birthdays and weddings and baby showers – ₹277

    This set contains 12 gorgeous greeting cards perfect for every occasion. Get it here.

    5. You're not actually an adult until you have a drawer specifically for wedding-worthy envelopes₹259

    With the doom of adulthood drawing closer, you'll need these brocade envelopes way more than you think. Get them here.

    6. Ditching the mismatched bedsheet from when you were still a teenager for an actual matching set of covers can make you look way more put together instantly – ₹499

    This cotton set includes one bedsheet and two pillow covers. Get it here.

    7. Now that you're cooking for yourself, recipes can be extremely hard to follow. But with this digital kitchen scale, you'll get every measurement bang on and hopefully make something edible – ₹759

    This scale is USB rechargeable so you don't have to worry about batteries. Get it here.

    8. If you're too tired by the end of the day to have an actual skincare routine, use microfibre towels (3 units) to wipe your makeup off with just warm water – ₹355

    Microfibres attract oil, giving your skin a thorough clean up without rubbing it raw. Get them here.

    9. Unfortunately, being an adult also means ironing your own clothes. But this hand-held steamer makes the process easy and eliminates all possibilities of a fire emergency – ₹699

    This steamer produces consistent steam, giving your fabrics a crisp look. And you can also use it to steam your face! Get it here.

    10. Adulthood is mostly just making sure you don't rough up your delicate fabrics. These mesh laundry bags (3 units) are great for securing delicates and sorting colours all in one cycle – ₹299

    The mesh bags protect your clothes from tangling and tearing. Get them here.

    11. Avoid the pain of throwing away clothes with the smallest of stains with this instant stain remover that gets rid of new and dried-in stains – ₹379

    Let it sit on the fabric for a few minutes before washing, and your stained clothes will be as good as new. Get it here.

    12. Not ignoring dry, tired skin is also an integral part of being an adult and this moisture infusing face mask from Dot & Key with a perfect 5-star rating is exactly what you need – ₹638

    Free from all sulphates, parabens, and alcohol, you can use this overnight mask daily. Get it here.

    13. These revolutionary acne patches that not only instantly hide redness and blemishes, but also promote healing – ₹298

    These patches protect your pimples form dirt, prevent picking, keep it clean, and absorb pus and fluids for faster healing overnight. Get it here.

    14. And learn to keep someone other than yourself alive with this adorable Bunny's Ear Cactus Plant₹239

    The plant comes with a 4'' pot and is a great segway into becoming a plant mom as it is relatively easy to care for. Get it here.