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14 Pieces Of Home Decor Under ₹1,500 For People Who Love Decorating But Hate Spending Money

Adulthood is basically just getting excited about affordable pillow covers and side tables.

1. This best-selling accent table with hairpin legs that you can use in your living room, hallway or patio as display or a side-table – ₹999

2. These hanging shelves will give your room a rustic-Mutt-Schitt's-barn vibes. You can also use these as bedside tables if you're struggling for space, just don't knock your phone down in the middle of the night – ₹855

Two hanging shelves, wooden planks held by a thick rope' pictured with books and plants.

3. Art prints are have become a staple in modern homes. Get this set of 2 framed canvas prints that will look really good on any wall – ₹699

Two abstract paintings of the same teal flower, both facing in opposite directions.

4. This plush yet understated carpet will bring a touch of tradition to your decor – ₹1,011

5. These shelves that you can assemble as desired and can use to display books, candles and other memorabilia – ₹899

6. If keeping living things alive isn't your style, you can deck your room or kitchen with these artificial ivy strands that are just as good as the real thing – ₹469

7. This stunning mid-century inspired planter (White) that you can set up indoors or outdoors and spice up your otherwise traditional planters₹1,473

8. This 5-litre mason jar dispenser that will make your kitchen look super cool and would be fun to break out at parties - beer on the tap, baby – ₹818

9. This stunning golden pendant light with an adjustable chord that will make any room look instantly chic – ₹999

10. This decorative pouffe that you can use as a side table or a corner seat, or nestle in the corner of your cosy low-floor seating area – ₹999

11. This absolutely stunning macrame throw pillow cover that will just +1000 all the cosy-almost-winter vibes in your home – ₹370

12. This super lowkey Ikea KNARREVIK bedside table with a second open shelf, so you have a separate space for your bedtime readings and gadgets – ₹1,290

13. These extremely cute neon lights in SO many designs, you'd want to buy every single one of them! – from ₹799

14. Anything rose gold and tropical is a fun little decor piece to have on your desk or shelves and this pineapple storage box is just that – ₹1,699