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    21 Products You Won't Be Able To Live Without Once You Get Them

    Einstein wishes he invented these 💁🏽‍♀️

    1. These iconic space-saving hangers (set of 5) that you can use to hang multiple clothes at once – ₹349

    2. These shelf dividers (set of 2) are the Holy Grail for anyone who cannot get anything out without knocking down at least three different piles of clothes – ₹525

    3. This best-selling 18-piece set of bag sealers that is godsend if you don't have storage containers or if you're too lazy to empty packets into containers – ₹85

    4. This vegetable holder and slicer so your salads look restaurant-ready every single day – ₹299

    5. These revolutionary pimple patches that hide redness and blemishes in an instant, promote overnight healing and you can also easily hide them under light makeup! – ₹299

    6. This heat-resistant starfish drain filter with strong suction that you can use both in the kitchen and the bathroom to prevent grains, veggies and hair from going down the drain – ₹219

    7. This compact vegetable chopper that requires basically no effort and gives you perfectly chopped vegetables, cutting down your prep time to less than half – ₹249

    8. These set of 6 reusable silicone lids in different sizes that will keep your leftovers fresh for longer in the fridge – ₹265

    9. This honeycomb drawer organiser (8 dividers/18 compartments) that you can use to organise pretty much everything – cosmetics, stationery, socks, undergarments, ties and so much more – ₹249

    10. This set of two silicone wine glasses that - 1) will never ever break, and 2) you can fold and keep in your pocket. Wine in your pocket, SAY WHAT? – ₹599

    11. These fabric cable wraps (pack of 12) to help you keep your one million wires from getting tangled – ₹191

    12. This rechargeable silicone sonic facial massager that exfoliates and deep-cleanses your skin, making you look radiant in seconds – ₹799

    13. This pack of 5 RFID sleeves to keep your credit and debit cards, driving licence, and even passports safe from electronic pickpocketing and data theft – ₹299

    14. These highly-rated charcoal blackhead remover strips that will pull out all the gunk from your nose, making it look like a freshly mowed lawn – ₹90

    15. This GPS tracker that you can tag your mobile phone, keys, wallet or even your pet with and track them in real-time on your phone in case you lose them – ₹499

    16. This cold brew maker that will keep you up and running with your daily doses of coffee. You can also use it to infuse water with fruits and veggies! – ₹999

    17. This instant stain remover with a 3.9-star rating that can get rid of the toughest new and dried-in stains – ₹325

    18. These gorgeous oil-proof tile stickers for your kitchen to protect the walls from greasy splashes. They'll stick to any smooth surface so you can actually renovate any corner of your house – ₹429

    19. This handbag organiser so you can keep your phone, money, sanitiser and keys in place anytime you have to step out – ₹299

    20. This pack of 3 motion-sensing LED lights that you can easily stick on any surface, including walls and the inside of your drawers, so you can save electricity and make navigating past midnight easier! – ₹989

    21. It's monsoon again, which means it's time for the rise of the mosquito and other terrifying bugs. This eco-friendly bug zapper doubles as a night light and can Thanos-snap the hell out of most insects. And that too without the terrifying electrocution sound – ₹549