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    20 Products You Should Keep Handy If You Live Alone

    Screaming "MUMMY!" is not how you get things done.

    1. This expandable folder with 24 pockets because being an adult is actually just looking for documents 98% of the time – ₹498

    2. You'll be eating out of a can on most days, so please invest in a good-quality universal can opener that will last you for years – ₹1,035

    3. And this jar opener with four different lid sizes that is going to be your best friend throught thick and thin – ₹299

    4. A pack of these best-selling baggie seals that will keep your groceries and leftovers fresh for longer in case you don't have airtight containers or are just lazy – ₹65

    5. These Command Picture-Hanging Strips (4 pairs) that will let you put up pictures without any drilling and hammering, which is especially useful if you're renting and can't mark up walls – ₹199

    6. An adjustable shirt-folding board so you will actually put your laundry away instead of piling it all up on your that one ill-fated chair – ₹699

    7. A set of 3 adhesive motion-sensor lights that you can stick inside drawers or in hallways so snack-hunting in the middle of the night doesn't turn into ghost-hunting – ₹899

    8. This dish drying rack that will fit easily next to the sink and comes with a tray and outlet so that excess water can run out instead of pooling on the kitchen counter – ₹499

    9. This sink organiser tray so you can keep all your dish cleaning supplies in one place – ₹199

    10. A nifty vegetable chopper that will give you perfectly chopped veggies in less than 10 minutes, which might actually make you want to cook for once – ₹279

    11. A set of two bathroom mats so stepping out of the shower isn't a total drown-the-bathroom-floor fest – ₹449

    12. A handheld vacuum cleaner so you can finally clean your mats and hidden nooks and crannies in your home. Like, seriously. It's been 3 years. – ₹2,200

    13. This drawer expandable tray that will give all your cutlery its own designated space and you won't have to spend hours scrounging for spoons and forks. It is also super handy for a desk drawer so you can separate your office supplies – ₹799

    14. An actual cutlery set to make sure that you never have to drink soup with a fork again – ₹699

    15. This pack of two pop-up ice trays with lids so you can finally get some damn ice without accidentally flooding your meat and pea preserves – ₹225

    16. These skinny velvet hangers (Set of 50) so you can fit more of them in your tiny cupboards and your shirts won't slip off them either! – ₹1,479

    17. This handheld steamer because ironing is a skill not all of us can excel at – ₹1,219

    18. This 6-piece fluffy towel set with two of each kind because even if you can't do your laundry regularly, remember to always have a spare towel to change every other day – ₹1,079

    19. This 3-piece black comforter set with internal securing ties because – 1) black takes way longer to get dirty and 2) securing ties mean you won't have to put in as much effort into making your bed every day – ₹1,369

    20. And I cannot stress this enough, get yourself a damn stationery kit because you'll be needing it way more than you think – ₹255