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    18 Products To Recreate The Perfect '90s Throwback Look

    Gone but never forgotten.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Remember how tiny sunglasses were all the rage until we as a society decided to ditch them? And remember how it didn't work because fashion is cyclical, baby! These metal-rimmed retro glasses will snazz-up your look any day – ₹518,

    Baby Olsen Twins are giving us a run for our money. Get the glasses here.

    (Available in other colours).

    2. And we also thought we did something by giving up small cat-eye sunglasses for bigger cat-eye sunglasses. With these chic af clout glasses, everyone will know you mean business – ₹999,

    So if I walked into a bookstore with these glasses on, chances are I'll meet the love of my life, right? Get them here.

    3. Why did we ever think that we were too good for block heels? These pastel pink platform heels will give you some serious Sweet Style Bratz doll feels – ₹499,

    Stomp through life and haters with these incredible heels that have over 400 amazing reviews on Amazon. Get them here.

    4. Or if you want to live your best Sporty Spice life, humans have decided that we are not yet done with chunky sneakers – ₹789, Pinterest

    These lace-up chunky sneakers are all you need to shoot your own editorial. Get them here.

    (Available in other colours).

    5. Now this is ~technically~ a handbag scarf, but you can totally work it around your neck like the much-loved skinny animal-print scarves – ₹374, Pinterest

    Take a leaf straight out of fashion icon Poo's book. Get the scarf here.

    6. Whether or not butterfly clips deserve to come back is arguable, but they sure as hell look super cute. These matte-finish mini claws (20 pieces) are subtle enough that you can wear them without looking like your worst primary school nightmare – ₹439, Tristan Fewings / Getty Images / Via

    Butterfly clips would still be hot commodity if we knew how to style them better. Get them here.

    7. Or these colourful snap clips (pack of 20) that we have definitely learned how to style better than we did back then – ₹399, Pinterest, Instagram: @kitsch / Via Pinterest

    To be fair we all still have a bunch of mismatched black snap clips to hold our hair in place so why not experiment a bit? Get them here.

    8. And these colourful bobby pins (96 pieces) – our saviours through every dance performance and sports event – are now a fashion statement and I'm all about embracing them – ₹299, Pinterest

    I am not above rejecting bobby pins if I can look even half as pretty as Bella Hadid. Get them here.

    9. Speaking of hair accessories, we're also bringing big bling back with these jewelled letter clips – ₹199, / Via Pinterest

    You walk out in these, everyone's gonna be looking at you! Get them here.

    10. And, of course, good old velvet scrunchies that look super stylish in your hair and on your wrist – ₹244, / Via Pinterest

    Throw your hair up in a high ponytail and these sturdy scrunchies will make sure it doesn't weigh you down! Get them here.

    11. I am not going to ask you to line your lips or shave your brows down to nothing, but I am going to tell you that transparent lip gloss should've never gone out of style – ₹545, Google

    Why did we stop wanting glossy, dewy lips? Get the gloss here.

    12. You obviously need something to carry your lip gloss everywhere and this perfect holographic fanny pack is '90s through and through – ₹641, Pinterest

    This hands-free fanny pack is all you need to be red carpet-ready with easy access to snacks and gloss. Get it here.

    13. This neon windbreaker is an ode to Shah Rukh Khan, who alone heralded the windbreaker revolution and inspired an entire generation of young Indians to wear them literally everywhere – ₹1,271, Dharma Productions / Via Pinterest

    You'll be making heads turn with this windbreaker. Get it here.

    14. The '90s were all about that crop top life and the Kapoor sisters led from the front – ₹699, / Via Google, Pinterest

    Crop tops can never go out of style. Get it here.

    15. You can't completely embody the '90s until you add a denim skirt to your wardrobe – ₹679, / Via Google, Pinterest

    I mean, denim skirts are still as chic as they were back then. Get one here.

    16. The '90s were a wildly comfortable time for fashion with these dungarees that pretty much everyone was wearing – ₹799 - ₹999,

    They are not as bright as the ones Anjali was rocking, but they'll do the job. Get them here.

    17. If you can't already tell, the '90s was a thriving time for the denim industry with people in denim jackets everywhere – ₹470, Pinterest

    Kids now might have made denim jackets cool, but we led the revolution. Get it here.

    18. And all our denims were patched to the gods, so you NEED these patches (10 pieces) to completely immerse yourself in nostalgia – ₹299, / Via Google

    Patch your jeans, your jackets, your skirts, your own self – who knows when to stop? Get these patches here.