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    14 Scented Candles For Anyone Who Is A Self-Proclaimed Candle Connoisseur

    Love is stored in a scented candle ❤

    1. A three-wick eucalyptus and spearmint candle that will help tension melt right off your body – ₹1,999

    2. An irresistible rose and vanilla-scented candle from Bath and Body Works that will make your home smell like your favourite baked treat and favourite flower rolled into one. Mmmm 🥰 – ₹1,999

    3. The three-wick Midnight Blues Citrus candle that sounds morose but smells like drinking lemonade and eating mangoes on a beautiful summer day. It has notes of juicy citrus, fresh spring water and sweet mango – ₹1,900

    4. An eco-friendly strawberry soy wax candle with a wooden wick that will help you de-stress and fall asleep easily – ₹386

    5. A set of crystal-infused candles in the fragrances lemongrass, red berries and tuberose to help create a beautiful and positive aura around you and your home. These candles are also EXTREMELY pretty – ₹1,399

    6. An assorted set of 3 candles in the fragrances rose, lavender and lemongrass so you have a scent for whatever mood you're in – ₹375

    7. An assorted set of sandalwood and lavender-scented candles that will make your home smell fresh and energised – ₹329

    8. A best-selling set of 4 assorted candlesVanilla Caramel, Midnight Jasmine, English Rose and Lavender Fields – that will give you a fragrance for every season and occasion – ₹649

    9. A blueberry-scented candle, which one of my favourite fragrances. Not only is the candle a beautiful pastel blue but the fruity fragrance is also sweet without being overwhelming – ₹210

    10. A set of three rose-scented pillar candles is just asking to disperse its soft amber glow and scintillating fragrance in the middle of a dining table on date night – ₹839

    11. A gorgeous seashore aroma candle so you can pretend that you're drinking daiquiris on the beach and are not stuck at home – ₹200

    12. A mocha-scented candle that will only elevate your love for coffee – ₹413

    13. A probably very delicious Apple Sake-scented candle from MINISO that I would love to devour through inhalation – ₹190

    14. And a pack of green tea and bamboo-scented tealight candles that only seem tiny but can cover your room in their earthly aroma in just a few seconds – ₹125