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    Top 10 Reasons To Attend The RAC's L'Taken Seminars

    Every year, nearly 2,000 high school students descend upon Washington, D.C. for the Religious Action Center's L'Taken Social Justice Seminars, intense four-day study kallot on Jewish values and public policy. The program exposes students to a variety of public policy issues, guides them to explore the Jewish values surrounding these issues, and teaches them the skills of an effective social justice advocate. Check out the Top 10 reasons to attend L'Taken!


    Travel to and explore Washington, DC, our nation’s capital!


    Spend the weekend with 300+ teens from across the country!


    Be the most informed of your friends on hot button issues such as LGBT Rights and Reproductive Rights.


    Learn about the situation in Israel and gain a deeper understanding of the peace process.


    Make your voice heard and meet with your elected officials in Congress.


    Shopping and free time in trendy neighborhood of Georgetown


    Check out the Hope Diamond in the Museum of Natural History on our visit to the National Mall and Smithsonian Museums.


    Find out what’s really going on in the worlds of House of Cards and Scandal


    Send your friends back home Snapchats from the steps of the Jefferson Memorial


    Help create change in our nation and in the world and join the Religious Action Center on a L'Taken Seminar!

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