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    • shioris2

      I just looked up on this page for school project research.
      I’m Japanese and this is actually first time seeing Americans commenting on us like this… I feel so ignorant. :( and i feel sorry.  I went to hawaii a while ago, i visited pearl harbor park, felt really bad for all the lost. looking at the names on a stone monument, each one of them had loved ones and none of them were not meant to be lost. actually at the park, a male caucasian told me to fuck off, and some other horrible stuff at me, assuming I couldn’t understand English. It was sad, but more of a shock. but If swearing at me,a total Asian stranger, made him happier at that moment, then I am okay with that. I’m glad he didn’t do that to someone with bad temper. Please do think before you say something like “Tsunami should hit Japan”.. As a citizen of USA, many of you must have experienced horrible terrorism/ natural disasters. Please remember how it feels to see TV reporting numbers of lost/injured increasing day by day. and how terrible it feels.  I’ve read most of comments on buzzfeed, I am relieved that there are so much comments against these people :) Thank you.
      There are a lot of comments about Nagasaki/Hiroshima, as all of Japanese think it should never had happened, and it should not happen ever again, we are dealing with the tragedy by remembering it. and as an only country on the earth that was bombed, we know how grateful to be at peace. (Of course, I myself sometimes think Japanese are way too complacency about peace. younger generations don’t really have clue on what really “Peace” is…) lastly, sorry that I’m commenting on such old article. its 2014! We just lost Brasil world cup 2014 against Columbia! ahh. :( May all the hatreds disappear and bring world a real peace/joy!

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