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The Definitive Ranking Of Every Britney Spears Music Video

♫ Oops, I did it again ♫

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37. "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart"

A throwback to the "...Baby One More Time" era, this is one of the less-appreciated tracks from her first album. It's heartfelt, and captures the essence of teen heartbreak. It bottoms out the list because Britney spends most of the video on a swing, looking gloomily off into the distance. And also because BUCKET HAT. I understand it was the '90s, but c'mon girl!

36. "Break The Ice"

Yes, this is real life: Britney is an anime character in a music video. Even though the song is great, in no world can this music video rank any higher. Sorry, but in order to climb higher on this list, we're going to need to see some actual Godney in the flesh.


35. "Ooh La La"

This music video almost doesn't count, since its existence is for the sole purpose of promoting The Smurfs 2. Really, you just see Britney sing into the camera a lot. But the plus side: You get to see her kids in the video with her, proving that Britney is the coolest mom in the world.

34. "Perfume"

The song is OK, the lyrics aren't great, and the music video is nothing special. It's four-and-a-half minutes of "meh," and one of her most forgettable videos. In fact, you'll probably forget it while you're still watching it.

33. "Someday (I Will Understand)"

This really is a beautiful song, although a slightly uncomfortable music video. You see Britney's feet — a lot. Basically, a whole lot of motherly-saintly-ness, which becomes kind of awkward when you think about her other music videos, where she's flipping off cameras and being ~Britney B*tch~.


30. "Outrageous"

You almost can't hold it against her (I'll see myself out) for this video, since she injured her knee and had to have surgery during the time it was being filmed. Also, OH HAY, Snoop Dogg... wait, wait a second, Britney, why are you licking his beard???????

29. "I Love Rock N' Roll"

"Hey... Is this thing on?" Get ready to enjoy three wonderful minutes of a Joan Jett/Alan Merrill/Jake Hooker cover, thanks in large part to the movie Crossroads. Britney's character from Crossroads sings this song in a bar for karaoke, and it is EVERYTHING. We were so blessed when this iconic cover made it onto Britney's self-titled album.

28. "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"

Props to Britney for standing on the edge of a cliff without so much as a safety cable. You almost feel too scared for her in this video to remember much else — except for her incredible bod and cute-as-hell outfit.

27. "Overprotected"

You can feel the angst in this video as Britney sings about needing the freedom to live her life. But can we talk for a second about her outfit at the end of the video, while she's standing in a room of her own magazine clippings? I can't quite figure out what this is — a dress???? Maybe??? In any event, whoever is responsible for making that dress should be punished, by being made to eat the dress. End rant.


25. "Sometimes"

What's not to like about this early-era Britney music video? This ballad features Britney dressed in white pants and a white, short-sleeved turtleneck, while she does choreographed dance moves on a pier. At one point, her dancers even form a heart around her.

24. "Boys"

Pharrell, is that you? And Mike Myers as Austin Powers? And Taye Diggs in a newsboy cap? The star-studded power this video contains is impressive. And the choreography is spot-on. Solid, very solid.

23. "Do Somethin'"

A flying car?! OMG this is turning into the Harry Potter/Britney Spears crossover you never even knew you wanted! Aside from imagining what house Britney would be sorted into (Gryffindor, obvs), you'll see Britney being a badass and hair-flipping like there's no tomorrow up in the "Hole In The Wall" bar.

22. "Everytime"

The seldom seen softer side of Britney is shown in this video, pulling at your heart strings and giving you all the feels. It's also extremely morbid, as it shows Britney drowning in a bathtub and her ghost walking around a hospital. At the end, you see Britney wake up and pop back out of the bathtub, leaving you to wonder, was her death something from her imagination? Get ready to feel lots of emotions.

21. "Born To Make You Happy"

There's nothing quite like a large, choreographed dance scene. It's sharp and satisfying. Also, Britney returns to the white-on-white attire choice in this video, further reminding fans of her youthful innocence. Oh, young Britney.


20. "My Prerogative"

The video opens with Spears singing, "They say I'm crazy," as she quite literally drives her car into a swimming pool. Powerful stuff. She crawls to the hood of her submerged car and continues singing before going inside to the party. Plot twist: The party is really her wedding. Her wedding to K-Fed.

19. "Till The World Ends"

Throwback to when we thought the world was going to end in 2012. This apocalyptic music video is set predominately underground and features some top-notch Britney choreography.

18. "Gimme More"

Ladies and gentlemen, the song that gave you "It's Britney, bitch." The highlight of this video is seeing the Brunette-ney/ Blonde-ney's pole-dancing alter ego. That being said, there isn't much pole dancing per se, but rather, lots of dancing around a pole. There's a big difference.

17. "Overprotected (Darkchild Remix)"

What? "Overprotected," again? Yes, she blessed us with TWO music videos for this song. But this one is better! You open up to a news anchor reporting on the newest Britney scandal, and see Britney turning off the TV, reminding us of her never-ending irritation with the media. Both the dancing and the concept of this video are far superior to the first, because Britney is more dominant and in charge in this video.

16. "Piece Of Me"

It's 2007, and Britney is in the midst of her struggles. Not that you can tell, because she looks flawless as ever in this video. Another anti-media song, this video is fun: Britney flips off the camera and writes "loser" on some guy's forehead with lipstick.


15. "3"

This vid is simple, but sexy. With a song as risqué as this, you wonder what lines are going to be crossed. But this mostly ignores the line, and keeps things light and fun. This is just a fun video, complete with solid choreography and good energy. Also, Britney looks hot AF.

14. "Circus"

Britney really seems like she's having fun here, and why wouldn't she be? She's at a circus with lions, jugglers, and people on stilts! And naturally, she's the ringleader of this circus, because she calls the shots.

13. "Work B**ch"

Seeing Britney quite literally whip a girl into shape makes this video gold right off the bat. The fancy cars, the dancing, and the outfits just further solidify its greatness. And you can't ignore that this song has a good message: Work hard to get what you want. Truer words have never been spoken. Bravo, Britney, bravo.

12. "Oops! ...I Did It Again"

This video takes you into outer space as Britney plays an alien who captures the heart of a young astronaut. Britney in her red catsuit is not a force to be reckoned with, you'll see as she breaks the heart of said poor astronaut guy. In addition to noting the Titanic reference, this video brings you back to the early Britney days with much fondness.

11. "Womanizer"

This video officially marks the comeback of Britney — bolder and better than ever. She plays a sexy secretary, bartender, and driver, among other personas. The music is catchy, the dancing is sharp and fun, and it sends a powerful message: Don't mess with Britney, or she'll kick your ass.

10. "If U Seek Amy"

Conservative, pie-baking wife is really a freak behind closed doors? Makes you wonder what you don't know about your neighbors. This controversial video opens in parody with a newscaster spelling out the "obscenity in disguise" that is this song's title. Britney's dance moves are as on-point as ever in this smart and fiery song. It also makes reference to "...Baby One More Time" when you see the daughter at the end of the video dressed like a schoolgirl.

9. "I'm A Slave 4 U"

When you think about it, this was ground-breaking stuff for Miss Spears. This video effectively ended her innocent, bubblegum-pop persona and introduced a more mature side: A side that danced around in a sweaty warehouse and said things like, "I'm a slave for you. I cannot hold it, I cannot control it." The choreography in this video is great, and grown-up Britney is captivating and entertaining.

8. "Hold It Against Me"

The concept of this video is novel: Britney is in a long white dress, rising into the air, surrounded by media clips from her other videos — kind of bringing her career full circle. Through the good and the bad over the years, Britney is still rising past it all. Very symbolic. And the red lips singing on the dark screen is very Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque. Wow, and you see Britney fighting herself? Two Britneys, each brutally beating one another up? That's something. Two Britneys is even better than one.

7. "(You Drive Me) Crazy"

You're lying to yourself if you say you don't love this video. It's so quintessentially '90s, from the choreography, to the outfits, to the Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier cameos (who were promoting their film Drive Me Crazy). This throwback will make you nostalgic for the good times. Also, have you ever wondered what Britney would look like as a '50s diner waitress? Now you know.

6. "Lucky"

This video tells the story of a girl named Lucky, AKA Britney, who despite her fame and success, is still broken and sad. Britney is able to bring incredible pathos to this character, and you're left feeling genuine sympathy. What's sadder still, is this fictional music video would later turn into Britney's reality.

5. "Toxic"

This video starts out on a plane, and takes you through the action-packed story of a secret agent disguised as a flight attendant, ending with Britney back on the plane, winking to the camera as if nothing happened. In addition, you get blonde Britney, brunette Britney, and red-haired Britney, rounding out the trifecta. This video is fun and exciting — not to mention one of her biggest hits to date.

4. "I Wanna Go"

There is just so much that is right with this video, you can't help but applaud it all. Is it her ripped=up Mickey Mouse shirt, which nods to her time on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Her hilarious responses to the media in her press conference? When she cusses out the reporters? Or how about when she whacks that reporter with her microphone? It's all just so great, you can't pick one favorite moment. Ain't nobody messing around with Britney after this.

3. "Me Against The Music"

Power-suit-wearing, cane-carrying Madonna teams up with Britney for this pop-duo sensation. Seriously, two pop icons in one video? It's almost too good to be true. The choreography is simply amazing — probably better than any other Britney video. The wall that separates Britney and Madonna while they dance in sync is inventive and symbolic, as is Britney's black suit, which cleverly offsets Madonna's white suit. Overall, this is an amazing video in more ways than one.

2. "...Baby One More Time"

There's no way this song wouldn't make it into a top tier spot. Not only is this one of the most iconic and widely recognized videos of all time, but it was also Miss Spears's first big break. All hail her schoolgirl uniform and pink hair pom-poms.

1. And of course, "Stronger"

Not only does this song have an amazing message: Be strong and overcome, but she looks amazing and her choreography is incredible. She's inspiring, fierce, and gorgeous. It's Britney bitch, now and forever more.

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