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    19 Things Welsh People Miss When They Move To London

    It may have rubbish internet and its place names may be have too many vowels. But if you're Welsh, you'll always miss home.

    1. Firstly, there are the views.

    2. Then there's the fact that people dress like this on March 1st.

    3. Other things you'll miss? The accent.

    4. The fact that you can buy a WHOLE HOUSE in Wales for less than a crisp packet-sized room in London.

    5. And discuss what you're having for tea with your colleagues without looking like a weirdo.

    6. There's the fact that Welsh cakes are standard.

    7. You can learn exciting, new Welsh words like "pitsas" and "cebabau" by just looking around.

    8. And you can drop random Welsh words into conversation, without people looking at you like you're mad.

    9. Welsh people take a Saturday night out seriously.

    10. They automatically become friends with whoever they're sitting by on the train.

    11. And they're all immensely proud of celebrities from their area, even if they haven't lived there for decades.

    12. In Wales, you don't have to argue with anyone about the fact that rugby > football. Because it's obvious.

    13. And you can actually book a table at a restaurant, instead of waiting two hours to be rammed onto a table so small you keep elbowing the stranger next to you.

    14. You can visit the coast without having to shove yourself on a train with 4 million other people down to Brighton.

    15. And you can order "a coffee" in a cafe and have people know exactly what you mean.

    16. We miss Derek Brockway presenting the weather.

    17. The jargon-free, no-nonsense approach to work.

    18. And always returning home saying, "I bumped into so-and-so down the shops."

    19. But at least we know we can always go back to the green, green grass of home.