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    Posted on Sep 21, 2015

    19 Lessons Welsh People Learn At English Universities


    1. You will never understand how it's possible to meet someone from Surrey every 10 seconds, but never run into another Welsh person.

    Colin Smith/Creative Commons / Via

    You’ll only meet two other people from Wales during freshers' week, and everyone else will be from Guilford.

    2. Which means you'll be unreasonably excited whenever you meet another Welsh person.

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    Nervous freshers on the lookout for new friends will find any excuse to bond. Your shared memories of primary school Eisteddfods and love of Tom Jones will definitely bring you together.

    3. And whenever you bump into a fellow Welshie on a drunken night out, it will be compulsory to shout “WAAAAAALES” at them.

    4. Everyone will go on about how cheap your student union is, which will confuse you because it's much more expensive than your local in Wales.

    5. You'll soon learn that northerners are even more proud of their heritage than the Welsh.

    6. Everyone will tell you when you sound particularly Welsh.

    BBC / Via

    “Oh my god: You sounded really Welsh just then!” It's amazing that people find this surprising given that you were born and raised in the country.

    7. And conversely, whenever you go back home, all your Welsh friends will say you sound really English.

    8. You will hear a million sheep jokes.

    9. And drunk people will always try and get you to say random words in Welsh.

    10. You'll soon learn that English people have supper or dinner instead of tea.

    11. Everyone you meet will have a least one ancient relative who lives in Wales. / Via

    Don’t be surprised when you have to hear about Great Uncle Gwyn who lives in Merthyr Tydfil.

    12. And they’ll all have been on a school trip to Wales at some point.

    13. You suddenly feel a bit lonely during rugby matches.

    14. And singing the Welsh national anthem alone in the student union is kinda embarrassing.

    15. But you'll be delighted to find that you don’t need to carry a plastic bag stash with you wherever you go.

    16. Even if you do have to pay for prescriptions now.

    17. You’ll get extra patriotic when it’s St David’s Day.

    18. But you'll be disappointed to find that you can’t find any Welsh cakes in the shops.

    19. But then again, given the uni fees your peers are paying, you can’t complain too much.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    If ever there was a time to sing, "I thank the Lord I’m Welsh", it’s when your English friends point out how much debt they’ll be in by the time uni finishes.

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