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    18 Things You Must Eat In Oxford

    The city of dreamy pies.

    1. Waffles and Ice Cream at G&D's Cafe

    2. Café Breakfast at The Jericho Café

    3. Pad Thai at Oli's Thai

    As a university city, it's no surprise Oxford does budget food well, and Oli's is up there among the best. Tuck into the tasty Thai dishes to feel like you're on your gap yah all over again (without the food poisoning).

    4. Pie, Mash and Mushy Peas at Pieminister

    5. Diavolo Pizza at Pizza Artisan

    6. Cookies from Ben's Cookies

    7. Homemade Oxford Sausages at St Giles' Cafe

    Twitter: @theabingdontaxi / Via Twitter: @theabingdontaxi

    Based on a recipe from a Victorian cookbook, the Oxford sausage contains thyme, sage, lemon zest, salt, black pepper and winter savoury (plus a fair whack of pork, obvs). If you're a real sausage groupie, you can even watch a video about how they're made here.

    8. Tea and cake at the Queen's Lane Coffee House

    9. Salmon and Scrambled Eggs at Georgina's

    10. A Freshly Baked Loaf from The Natural Bread Company

    11. McLovin Burger at Atomic Burger

    12. Mezze at Al-Shami

    13. Sushi at Edamame

    14. All the Fondues at Pierre Victoire

    15. Pulled Pork Bun from Big Society

    16. South Indian Feast at Dosa Park

    17. Duck and Mushroom Rice Bowl at SoJo

    18. Kebab from Hassan's Kebab Van

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