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    Posted on Mar 3, 2016

    18 Things You Learn Dating An Accountant

    They're super useful when it comes to filling out your tax return.

    1. Your S.O. may well have lied about their job when you guys first met.


    For some reason they may not have thought you'd be impressed by "accountant".

    2. But as soon as you found out what they really did, there was no stopping them talking about "the Big Four" and "CTA exams".

    3. And if you’re self-employed, you can't earn a penny without them pointing out how much tax you owe.


    "Well you haven’t really earned £100 there, have you?"

    4. But on the plus side, your OH is exceptionally good at saving money.

    5. Even if they are ridiculously busy at certain times of the year.

    6. You'll expect them to be able to answer all of your financial questions.

    Twitter: @Aleksandr_Orlov / Via Twitter: @Aleksandr_Orlov

    "Which savings account has the best interest rate?" "Where should I buy my phone insurance?"

    7. And you'll also expect them to be amazing at mental maths.

    Channel 4

    As soon as the Countdown maths round comes on TV, you’ll eagerly turn to them like, "YOU can solve this, can’t you?!"

    8. If you share a house, you'll soon learn that they own multiple calculators.

    9. And if you share a wardrobe, their half will be mainly grey and navy.

    10. In fact, they're probably a bit scared of "dress down Friday".


    Sometimes they’ll even pretend they have a client meeting just so they don’t have to deal with the stress of picking out "casual" clothes.

    11. You’ll soon realise that "accountant" is a very catch-all term.


    You’ll find accountancy is actually divided into lots of different areas ranging from auditing to consultancy.

    12. And that given the amount of money your OH deals with, their work stresses can be pretty major.


    Your "tricky" work chats pale into insignificance when you find out they have to spend the morning telling a client they owe an extra £500,000 of tax. Surprise!

    13. When you mention that you occasionally put kisses at the end of emails, they're horrified.


    This would basically be considered sexual harassment in their office.

    14. When you meet them straight after work there will almost always be a hideous laptop bag in toe.

    15. You receive some truly riveting reads through your letterbox.

    Twitter: @sophie_hines1

    Which then pile up in the living room until you bin them all while your other half is out.

    16. Your year no longer runs from January to December.

    17. And you have a feeling your S.O. gets more excited about Budget Day than Christmas.

    Twitter: @George_Osborne

    Exciting financial updates ahoy!

    18. But above all, you know that accountants make excellent partners.

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