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17 Reasons Cardiff Is The Perfect Hen Do Location

It will probably beat the wedding, to be honest.

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2. Once you arrive, you’ll find LOADS of pubs within metres of the station.

St Mary Street is home to more bars than you can shake a willy-shaped straw at. Because it never hurts to start the party early, right? The Prince of Wales opens at 7am, and has a lovely ceiling.

3. And you won’t be left weeping at the price of booze.

Prepare to have change from a tenner when you buy a bottle of wine. Now you’re talking, boyo.


8. Fancy something more sedate? Try the gorgeous spa at St David’s Hotel. / Via

The Marine Spa features a heated pool overlooking the bay, a jacuzzi, sauna and lots of lovely treatments. Basically, it’s lush.


15. And believe us, no one will bat an eyelid at your hen do shenanigans.

Academy Awards / Via Twitter: @MTV

If anything, they'll salute you as you attempt to do a handstand on the bar after one too many cheap bottles of wine. Very supportive people, the Welsh.