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Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Feb 9, 2015

18 Things Everyone Must Eat In Cardiff

There's lush.

1. Falafel from Falafel Kitchen

Twitter: @gourmetgorro / Via Twitter: @gourmetgorro

This Crwys Road eaterie offers several other options such as schnitzel and spicy omelette, but we heartily recommend the eponymous dish, served with as much salad as you can cram into a pitta...

2. Cosy Eggs at The Cosy Club

Instagram: @christinamather

The Cosy Club is one of those magical places where you can get really drunk at night and overcome your hangover the following morning. Weekend brunches don't get much better than this.

3. Pork Belly from The Potted Pig / Via Instagram: @owenlmathias

The clue's in the name people, this restaurant knows its pork. One of Cardiff's swankier venues, save this for a big occasion (i.e. one where somebody else is paying).

4. An Omelette from The Deck Coffee House & Cakery

The Deck

If you thought Gavin & Stacey's Gwen made the ultimate Welsh omelette, think again. Visit The Deck and order your omelette with more fillings than even Nessa could imagine...

5. A milkshake and cake at The Barker Teahouse / Via Instagram: @xlaurajaynex

Cocktail-in-a-jam-jar fans will love Barker Teahouse's milkshakes-in-a-milk-bottle idea. Oh and the giant slices of droolsome cake.

6. A Truffle Shuffle burger at The Grazing Shed

Instagram: @thegrazingshed

As the infinitely wise Gabrielle once sang, dreams can come true. We reckon she was thinking about this burger...

7. Beer battered halloumi at Milgi.

Once you're done exploring the yurt in the back garden of this 100% vegetarian restaurant (because, YOLO), settle down to a dish of deep-fried cheese and chips. So wrong, but SO RIGHT.

8. Welsh Cakes from Fabulous Welsh Cakes

Facebook: fabulouswelshcakes / Via Facebook: fabulouswelshcakes

They're the best Welsh export since Tom Jones' pelvis, so it's only fitting that Welsh cakes have a Cardiff Bay shop dedicated completely to them. Enjoy these sugary delights fresh from the oven.

9. Bombay Chaat at Mint & Mustard

Facebook: mintandmustard

Melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness from one of Cardiff's most innovative Indian restaurants.

10. Citta Pizza at Cafe Citta / Via Instagram: @2netpmacam

Seriously, how is anyone meant to go carb-free when there's food like this in the world? Proof that Wales does Italian well.

11. Create your own sandwich at The New York Deli

Facebook: 199905010054214 / Via Facebook: New-York-Deli-Cardiff

It's not often a sandwich makes us shout "Phwoar!", but this is it. Unleash your inner Joey Tribbiani with this gut-busting feast.

12. A King Cake at Nata & Co

Twitter: @natacouk / Via Twitter: @natacouk

This Portugese bakery has more sumptuous treats than you can shake a half-eaten doughnut at. And darlings, they're just so Instagram-worthy.

13. A Veggie Salad Bowl from Crumbs Kitchen

Twitter: @CrumbsKitchen / Via Twitter: @CrumbsKitchen

Another of Cardiff's brilliant veggie cafes, this Morgan Arcade favourite offers a mix 'n' match ('n' cry with happiness) salad bar.

14. A Lobster at Burger & Lobster / Via Instagram: @jiaying11

Located right next to the St David's 2 centre, this is the perfect dish to get your claws into after a long day's shopping. Apparently the burger is pretty good too.

15. Thali at Vegetarian Food Studio / Via Instagram: @calvinley

So. Many. Pots. Of. Goodness. This restaurant also offers delicious South Indian dosas and a range of Oriental dishes. Loosen your belts lads.

16. ALL THE MEAT at Hang Fire Smokehouse / Via Instagram: @soundoftheshell

Bringing Southern U.S. flavours to South Wales, the Smokehouse is the place to go to satisfy your meaty needs.

17. Gang Massaman Gah On at Bangkok Cafe / Via Instagram: @rachelbloom23

That's a lamb and potato curry, in case you're too busy drooling to Google it. Suddenly Cowbridge Road East and Khaosan Road don't seem so far apart after all...

18. A Gluten-free cake at Milk & Sugar

Twitter: @milkandsugarcdf / Via Twitter: @milkandsugarcdf

Now that is a level of presentation that would make Mary Berry proud. Who could stop at one?

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