Tom Cruise’s Crazy Scientology Moments

The real reason for the divorce because Katie wants to protect Suri from Tom’s belief that aliens in DC8s led by Xenu drowned alien prisoners into Hawaiian volcanoes.

1. You Had To Ask


2. Scientology Explained So You Can Understand What Your About To See

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3. What Are You On?

Video available at:  .

4. What Does He Know About Technology?

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5. Psychiatrist Are Making Us Slaves!

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6. You Will Be Silent When Giving Birth To Suri!

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7. Is This How They Got To Tom?

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8. Katie Should Have Run Far Away After This Cokehead Energetic Nonesense

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10. The Truth


11. The Freedom Of Suri Is On The Line

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A artist’s interpretation of Suri free from Scientology

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