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10 Signs You’re About To OD On Borderlands

As much as we applaud Gearbox for making one of the best things EVER, Borderlands is almost *too* delicious. Is it possible to overindulge in its creamy goodness? The jury is currently out, but here are the signs to watch for:

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1. Checking the horizon for rakk when running errands or driving to work

2. Ever shaken an angry fist at the world for not being able to have your very own Claptrap?


Or at least be able to “borrow” his sweet moves.

3. You’ve either dressed up, or seriously considered, dressing up for Halloween as your preferred character

4. Totally lost your sh*t over how many times you’ve had to heal your partner. To the point that apologies were required the next day.

5. You’ve privately, maybe vigorously, fantasized as to what Dr. Zed (or anyone else) would be like in bed

6. Named pets or children after characters


Aren’t you just the cutest little BERSERKER?!? Yes, you are!

7. Used one of your weapons/mods as currency in real life situations, a la “If you buy my next drink I’ll trade you the Bone Shredder”

8. Gotten so frustrated with a particular level that you had to take a step back in the interest of your console’s personal safety, only to return the next day because you missed it

9. Heavily debated the pros and cons of the first two games in anticipation of the prequel, even though you were aware it bored those around you.


This also applies to posting status updates about which level you’re on

10. Reevaluated your opinion of Magic or Dungeons & Dragons fans, as the parallels are hitting a little too close to home


But not those Pokemon riff raff. We must draw line somewhere.

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