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I Listened To ADELE's New Album "25" 25 Times

After 5 long years, our beloved ADELE has finally belted out another heart-wrenching album that we can listen to alone in a dark room and miss people we haven't even mt yet. I decided to inflict pain upon myself and listen to this album 25 times in row. This way, I got to get a sense of what my homegirl has gone through since "21." So I queued up my iTune music library and hit play. The results were emotionally exhausting in the best possible way.

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Track 1: Hello


This song was released a few weeks ago and has been giving us all the feels and confused many as to why the hell there were flip phones in the video. But let's be real, it's straight FIRE and I got chills from the very first lyric.

Track 2: Send My Love (To Your New Lover)


This qualifies as the official "Fuck You" track of the album. It makes me want slow stomp-walk down the street wearing a fabulous fur coat and huge sunglasses while eating ice cream. Oddly specific? Listen to the song and get back to me.

Track 3: I Miss You


This song makes me think of how I felt when my parents would leave me and my brother with a babysitter. Not even a cool babysitter, but the one that wouldn't let us watch an extra half hour of tv and told me Santa wasn't real.

Track 4: When We Were Young


Addy just slays this ballad and makes me wish I had some epic Notebook romance when I was a teenager and not just like, 7 pairs of white sunglasses and a weird flair for acid-washed denim.

Track 7: River Lea


This is a song that makes you think of the shittiest parts of your past and that you can blame it all up to how/where you grew up. Also, this is a song that makes you google bodies of water near Tottenham, England in an attempt to find the singer's childhood home.

Track 9: Million Years Ago


This song opens up sounding like the beginning of a sassy mambo number that would feature Santana, but it's just our girl crooning with a spicy guitar and filling your soul with ten tons of nostalgia.

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