Alone on V'day or not, everyone loves gifts! ;)

sherylriar • 13 hours ago

Will they become the next TLC or Destiny's Child?

sherylriar • 2 days ago

Which Upper East Sider are you?

sherylriar • 3 days ago

Single people deserve love too!

sherylriar • 6 days ago

Have fun :)

sherylriar • 7 days ago

Will you accept this rose?

sherylriar • 10 days ago

Have fun :)

sherylriar • 11 days ago

Ever wondered which celebrity power couple you are like?

sherylriar • 15 days ago

Let's see how well you know the words to these songs (No cheating!)

sherylriar • 19 days ago

Does your thoughts match everyone else? Let's find out!

sherylriar • 21 days ago

Do you have what it takes?

sherylriar • 22 days ago

Whoever performs at your concert will make or break it.

sherylriar • 25 days ago

Ever since the movie 'Crazy Rich Asians' and the Kim Jong Un-Trump Summit, everyone's been talking about Singapore! Plan a trip to this little country and we will give you a country to visit.

sherylriar • 27 days ago

Ever wondered who'd play Serena if not Blake Lively? Recast the roles in Gossip Girl and create a new Upper East Side squad.

sherylriar • 29 days ago

Its a simple game of 'who'd you rather' TV shows edition

sherylriar • One month ago

Ever wondered if you have the potential at helping celebrities dress up for events? We will let you know!

sherylriar • One month ago

Ever wondered which celebrity would be your Bff? We might just have the answer to that!

sherylriar • One month ago

Choose between layouts to create your dream home and we will find you a celebrity to live with.

sherylriar • 6 months ago

Joe Jonas turns 29 today!

sherylriar • 6 months ago

Decide on which dresses you prefer and we will pick a date to take you!

sherylriar • 6 months ago