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14 Things You Should Know About Color And Your Brain

These tones will blow your mind. Sherwin-Williams has you covered with a nearly endless amount of paint shade options that are bound to inspire you.

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1. Sir Isaac Newton discovered that color is made up of white light.

Through a series of experiments, Newton discovered that when white light is shone through a prism, it refracts (or is broken up) into its component colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet) to form a rainbow.

6. Many use chromotherapy (or color therapy) to treat certain types of cancer.


It's sometimes used to treat various forms of cancer including skin, esophageal, lung, and blood, and it's still being tested against other types.

7. Psychiatrist Carl Jung believed in the effectiveness of art therapy and attempted to find the true subconscious meaning behind each color.

Picasso experimented with the use of color to convey emotion in his art, namely in his Blue and Rose periods.

13. Language can greatly influence one's understanding of color and the world around them.


The Himba people of Namibia only have four words to describe the different colors of the spectrum, and thusly may have a different view on the world around them than other westerners.