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My Top 5 Designers

The world of fashion is composed of many icons. This article consists of my top 5 designers in no particular order.

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My Top 5 Designers

My choice of designers are the people who created my love and passion for fashion and the people who shaped that world for me.

1. Christian Dior

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Christian Dior is a french designer who was a key to revolutionizing the art of differentiating looks in ones wardrobe and was responsible for changing how women dressed after World War II. Dior is one of my favorite designers because of how important is role in the fashion world was and how his input has changed the way people dressed for generations to come.

2. Coco Chanel


Coco Chanel is a French fashion designer. She is best known for creation of the well known brand "Chanel". Her style was very simplistic but her pieces in general were very pricey and classy. Her pieces and simplistic style helped contribute to the growing world of fashion in a very positive manner.

3. Raf Simons


Raf Simons is a Belgian fashion designer who was well known for his menswear line he created in 1995. In 2012, Raf joined Christian Dior as the creative director. After resigning in 2015 from Christian Dior, a year later he joined Calvin Klein in 2016 as the new chief creative officer. Raf is well known and idolized throughout the rap and hip-hop culture because of his simplistic and streetwear style. Rappers A$AP Rocky recently release a song called "Raf" to show his love for the creator and his clothing.

4. Gianni Versace


Gianni Versace was an Italian fashion designer and best known for his creation of the "Versace" brand. His luxury brand would separate itself from others in the fashion world because of how different and luxurious his items were. Because of how well connected Versace was, he was one of the first designers to add Versace into the vast world of music. Rap group Migos dropped a song called "Versace" in 2013 and even put out a remix with Drake.

5. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an American fashion designer who later launched his brand Calvin Klein,inc. Calvin Klein created a very powerful brand that features many items which include perfumes, jewelry, and watches which are outside of clothing. Klein was a man of power and creativity which impacted the fashion world greatly.

Fashion and the people who made it what it is are truly special. These designers are just a few of the men and women that impacted clothing and style in various ways. New designers are emerging daily and new ideas and designs are constantly being circulated into this world. The future is bright for fashion and I am so excited to see where we are taken.

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