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    • sherryl4

      I think this says it all. We take the children with these mental disabilities and medicate them heavily, isolate them to alternative schools and try to band aid the problem. They grow up and still have these issues, but they are no longer contained toaplace that will mask the problem and no rehabilitation has really happened. Asawoman that was severely abused byamother with mental illness, there needs to beabetter system. My mom still drives, andIfeel isadanger to herself and society. She refuses to take medication that may help her and actually gets paid by the government to live. She has her housing and many bills paid for, but she can still leave that house at any time and hurt herself or others. The peril to others around her depends on the day, or sometimes the moment, because the mental switch can flip that quickly. We do needasolution because mental illness seems to be on the rise. Prisons are not the answer, but having these people beadanger to society is not fair either. These changes and solutions will not be cheap to execute or enforce andIam not completely clear where we would even begin.Iam havingahard time accepting this recent tragedy.Iget physically ill even thinking about it. We need to protect the innocent and if anyone hasareasonable solution,Iam willing to help execute it.

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