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17 Times Tyrion Lannister Was Being Awesome Outside Of Casterly Rock

Even the King's Hand gets vacation days

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1. Proving he's just as strong as Hodor

2. Catching a golden snitch

3. Working on a newfangled transportation device to cut down on commuting time between kingdoms

4. Trying to overthrow Joffrey's kingdom by running for President of the imps

5. Proving that the only accessory suitable for a power suit is a power stache

6. Trying to be King's Landing's first hipster

7. Fraternizing with a new breed of wildlings

8. Visiting Shae at her place of work

9. Babysiting to give Gilly the day off

10. Taming wild she beasts

11. Protesting his love for informative programming

12. Showing off his large pinky to index finger ration. Not to mention the impressive results of Middle Age orthedontics

13. Finally creating something a little stronger than medieval wine

14. Contemplating becoming a centaur

15. Imitating Khaleesi's dragons

16. Cheating on Shae and Sansa with the one and only Tina Fey

17. Being awesome in an eye patch

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