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17 Things That Will Make Your Hangover Worse

Given the choice between death and doing these things hungover, you'd choose death.

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1. Running into your ex in a groutfit

2. Exercising

3. Eating a salad

4. Watching any Anne Hathaway or Nicolas Cage film

5. Going through airport security

6. Babysitting

7. Getting waxed


8. Throwing up in a porta potty

9. Using any form of public transportation

10. Mistaking vodka for water

11. Sitting bitch on a long roadtrip

12. Checking your bank statement from the night before

13. Realizing you just missed McDonald's breakfast menu hours

14. Being exposed to any and all kinds of light

15. Making conversation with your significant other's parents

16. Checking your photo gallery from the night before

17. Realizing you don't have any more alcohol for tonight

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