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15 Reasons You're Not A Disney Princess

Because you don't have a posse of woodland creatures to do your dirty work.

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1. Pocahontas effortlessly mastered windblown hair.

Disney / Via

You had your hair as an appetizer.

2. Ariel made brushing her hair with a fork look adorable.

You tried it and looked like this...

3. Snow White passed out and was awoken with a kiss.

Disney / Via

You passed out and woke up like this.

4. Mulan chopped off her hair to restore honor to her family.

Disney / Via

Your custom hairdo took dishonor to a whole new level.


5. Alice outgrew a house from sampling a piece of cake.

Disney / Via

You became a house after Freshman year of college

6. Cinderella's whip...

Disney / Via

Your "carriage."

7. Cinderella is besties with birds.

Your encounters with birds look more like this...

Universal Pictures / Via

8. When Meg goes for the kiss...

When you go for the kiss...

9. How Belle gets boys to dance with her...

How you try to dance with boys...


10. Jasmine's belly dance:

Disney / Via

Your belly dance:

Warner Bros. / Via

11. Ariel falls gracefully into her lover's arms.

Disney / Via

You trip when trying to make a dramatic exit.

12. Pocahontas gracefully wades into the water.

Disney / Via

You prefer a more original entrance.

13. Mulan is trained in combat.

You are a professional flailer.

14. When Ariel emerges from the water....

Disney / Via

When you come out of the water....

Disney / Via

15. How Snow White apologizes...

Disney / Via

How you apologize...

NBC / Via

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