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    Zedd's Mansion Is The Craziest/Coolest/Richest Thing I've Ever Seen


    OK, so in case you don't know: This is Zedd.

    He's also very very VERY rich. This is obvious because his house is insane.

    Architectural Digest took a tour of his $16 million LA mansion and lemme just say, OH MY FUCKING GOD. Here are some absolutely rich people things this dude has in his home:

    1. Three separate sections: One for work and working out, one for living, and one for sleeping.

    2. A water pathway that somehow no one has ever fallen into.

    3. A door that goes both ways.

    You gotta keep it fresh, somehow!

    4. A real tree right inside that Zedd wants to swap out with a fake one.

    The real one is dying. Plus, he can put a phone charger in a fake one.

    5. A Skittles vending machine.

    6. A pool that is always at 97 degrees.

    7. Curtains that are set on an automatic timer.

    8. A server room that he mistook for another room because THERE ARE SO MANY ROOMS.

    9. And one of those many, many rooms is a "Costco room," where he stockpiles everything he needs so he doesn't have to leave the house.

    10. An outdoor patio off the master bedroom that has a TV, because sometimes you want to watch TV outside.

    11. A closet for shoes.

    12. A kitchen table that also has a hibachi grill inside.

    13. Four ovens.

    14. A faucet over the stove to fill pots so that you don't have to walk back-and-forth from the sink.

    15. A vacuum underneath the cabinets so if you drop food, you can just kick it and it gets sucked up.

    16. A table just for board games.

    17. Doors that open up completely so you can be indoors and outdoors at the same time.

    18. And a gym.

    Watch the whole video here. And if you need me, I'm off trying to become a millionaire DJ ASAP.

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