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    19 Times "Skam" Made You Believe In A Thing Called Love

    Evak 4Ever.

    1. When Noora tried to guess which songs William plays to seduce girls.

    2. And he just looked at her in awe.

    3. When Noora chased after William and they had their first kiss.

    4. When Noora was dealing with Nico's ILLEGAL bullshit and an article for Aftenposten and William cradled her so she could finally sleep.

    5. When Even looked at Isak while kissing Sonja and you realized that EVEN LIKES ISAK BACK.

    6. When Isak and Even kissed for the first time.

    7. When Isak and Even laid in bed for what seemed like eternity.

    8. When Even showed up at Isak's door after ending things and without any words they immediately went to bone-town.

    9. When Even revealed his true feelings for Isak.

    10. When Isak let it slip that Even was the man of his dreams and you realized you'll never find a love this pure.

    11. When Noora told William all the reasons they should be together.

    12. When William left Noora to move to London BUT OH WAIT, HE CAME BACK.

    13. When William asked Noora to move in with him.

    14. And when they had sex for the first time.

    15. When Isak ran to Even to let him know he's not alone.

    16. When Even was worried his manic states would get in the way of his happiness with Isak but Isak was like, "We gon' take this minute by minute."

    17. When Even let Isak know that he joined the Kosegruppa just to meet him.

    And Isak's surprised face, oh my God, I'm crying.

    18. When Even asked Isak to meet his mom.

    19. And the many, many times Even and Isak looked at each other.