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21 Awkward Situations That'll Make Non-Religious People Cringe

Everyone: So why don't you believe in God? You: Um, hi, nice to meet you.

1. When people pray before meals and you sit there wondering what you should do.

2. When people assume you're actually evil since you don't have "religious morals" to fall back on.

3. And when people give a list of terrible people to explain why being non-religious is bad.

4. When you accidentally let "Jesus Christ" or "Oh my fucking god" slip in front of a really religious person.

5. When you're on a first date and they say, "I'm looking for a nice, [insert religion here] person."

6. When you go home for the holidays and you're constantly reminded by your religious family that you're...different.

7. Because your parents might ask if you "still" don't believe in anything.

8. And sometimes they'll force you to go to a house of worship.

9. 'Cause you know what, they will probably never stop trying to change your mind.

10. When people post what seems like every single scripture from the Bible on Facebook, and you wonder if you need to hit that "unfollow" button.

11. When you're asked, "Where do you think you go after you die?"

12. See also: "Well how do you think the world was created? Someone had to start it!"

13. And of course being asked, "If you're not [insert religion here], then what are you?"

14. When you try to switch the topic but people keep 👏 on 👏 pushing 👏 .

15. When people say "Well the [insert religious doctrine here] says..." in a political debate.

16. And when you enter a room filled with religious iconography.

17. When you go to a wedding and it's the world's longest religious service.

18. And when you're planning your own wedding and disagree on the religious aspects with your spouse/parents/future in-laws.

19. Plus, when you start to have kids and everyone suddenly weighs in on what religion you should raise them in.

20. When you like a song and then learn it's religious.

21. And when you try to explain that you're pretty tolerant of all religions — it's just not right for you.