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21 Awkward Situations That'll Make Non-Religious People Cringe

Everyone: So why don't you believe in God? You: Um, hi, nice to meet you.

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2. When people assume you're actually evil since you don't have "religious morals" to fall back on.


So wait there are actual evil people walking the streets but if I don't believe in anything then suddenly I'm the one that's morally rephrehensible?

3. And when people give a list of terrible people to explain why being non-religious is bad.

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Every religion has good people. Every religion has bad people. That's the human race for you. Just because I don't believe in anything doesn't mean I'm suddenly a despot.


5. When you're on a first date and they say, "I'm looking for a nice, [insert religion here] person."


*backs slowly out of your chair, out the door, into a car, to the airport, to another continent*


10. When people post what seems like every single scripture from the Bible on Facebook, and you wonder if you need to hit that "unfollow" button.


Look, Grandma, I love you. I'll make sure to comment on your cat photos, but I can't handle the constant biblical verses superimposed on a photo of the beach.


14. When you try to switch the topic but people keep πŸ‘ on πŸ‘ pushing πŸ‘ .


A lot of times you'll just try to avoid the topic of religion altogether. Unfortunately that's all some people want to talk about with you.