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    Women Tried Underwater Photography And It Came Out So Freakin' Beautiful

    Goddesses, unite!

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    Hey hey! We're Sheridan and Jazzmyne, two women who prefer to take photos on dry land.

    This is probably because we had no idea that underwater photography was even a thing. But guess what? It totally is, and boy, is it GORGEOUS.

    Brenda Stumpf /
    Brenda Stumpf /

    So when we had the chance to have a professional photo shoot underwater, we of course had to say yes. Here's what happened:

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    BuzzFeedYellow / Via

    Going in, we didn't really know what to expect. Like, how were we going to hold our breath AND pose AND look graceful doing it?

    Luckily, photographer Brenda Stumpf and Virginia Hankins of Sheroes Entertainment do this for a living and were able to walk us through every step of the process.

    We first had to choose which gorgeous dresses we were going to wear to get soaked in a pool.

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    Turns out certain fabrics like tulle and chiffon look oh-so-amazing drifting in a pool. Also, we had to stay away from darker colors like black and blue so that we wouldn't ~blend~ in to the water. Luckily, we had some bridesmaid dresses lying around that made the perfect candidates.

    Then we got mermaid makeovers, complete with gems and vibrant colors.


    Yeah, we definitely felt like actual goddesses.

    Natasha Maldonado / Via

    Before we could model, however, we needed a water safety rundown.

    Lindsay Webster / BuzzFeed

    Both of us could swim, but turns out we'd have to wear weighted belts to keep us from constantly floating to the top of the water. We also learned that Virginia would be underwater with air in case we couldn't swim to the surface to breathe.

    Then we took the plunge!


    *strikes a pose*


    Truth be told, it was hard AF.


    Sheridan: I think I'm still sore. The actual movements weren't that difficult — it was the fact that we had to relax our faces and try to look like a goddamn angel while doing it. Not to mention all the variables: Your dress is flying up, your eyes are burning a bit, and oh yeah, you have to breathe. Where's some Gillyweed when you need it?

    Jazzmyne: Modeling underwater was SO DAMN DIFFICULT. Honestly, I didn’t think that I was going to be as freaked out as I actually was. To think about my arms, the flowy dress, my face, and the fact that I have to do all of this in the amount of time I can hold my breath so was very overwhelming. As the shoot went on, though, I started feeling ~one~ with the water — well, as much as I could!

    But when we saw our final photos, our jaws pretty much dropped.

    Brenda Stumpf
    Brenda Stumpf

    Sheridan: I don't usually describe myself as graceful — my shin has never met a table corner it doesn't like — but this is such a delicate, ethereal photo of me. I'm kind of speechless. I look so at peace and serene. I'm sure my husband would like to see this Sheridan more often (ba-dum-tshh). For someone who has seriously considered canceling plans because they would involve putting on a bra, it was so nice to feel like a goddess for a day.

    Jazzmyne: DDDDAMN. Like, what?! This looks crazy to me. Seeing this picture makes me want to go back and try it out again (without being sick for literally a week after). I feel like this picture shows me as strong but still ethereal, which is something I would never say about myself. I feel like I could definitely be Ursula’s badass significant other in this picture!

    So go on with your badass underwater goddess 'self!


    Makeup: Natasha Maldonado

    Photography: Brenda Stumpf

    Sheroes Entertainment: Virginia Hankins