Well, It Happened Again: People Tried To Criticize Chrissy Teigen For Her Parenting


    You know Chrissy Teigen. She's a model, TV host, cookbook author, Twitter visionary — the list goes on and on.

    She's also married to singer John Legend and mom to baby Luna.

    Since Luna was born last year, Chrissy has had to deal with a ridiculous amount of mom-shaming.

    There was that time when Chrissy and John dared to go out to dinner when Luna was a newborn...

    I went to dinner. People are pissed. Good morning!


    ...or that time Chrissy got flack for holding her baby.

    And now it has happened AGAIN. On Friday, Chrissy posted screenshots of comments she's received on photos of Luna. They range from asking why she's not wearing socks to wondering why Luna apparently never "smiles":

    Imagine being this miserable. We are fine, thanks.

    Chrissy was not pleased and she tweeted, "Imagine being this miserable. We are fine, thanks." She then followed it up with this tweet:

    Some people are just hell bent on being the fucking worst.

    STOP 👏🏼 COMING 👏🏼 FOR 👏🏼 CHRISSY 👏🏼 .